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I haven't seen an answer for this, but as far as I understand, Turn to Frog would not cause her target to lose it's indestructibility because the ability was already triggered, and you still control her even though she's been transformed into a frog...
Posted By: eminent_junkie (11/26/2011 8:42:14 PM)


Works well in B/W control. Souls of the Faultless, Divinity of Pride, hell even Arrogant Bloodlord love this card.
Posted By: NuclearMECCA (1/3/2012 6:23:48 PM)


Combo's with That Which Was Taken. Protect it with this, then protect this with it.
Posted By: swords_to_exile (5/21/2012 11:35:01 PM)


Her ability is an "enters the battlefield" type ability. I believe because of this it's a triggered ability that does use the stack. You could compare it to Yeva's Forcemage's ability except instead of having an "until the end of turn" end condition it lasts "for as long as you control Aegis Angel". I don't believe Turn to Frog would remove the indestructibility because it doesn't remove Aegis Angel from one's control; it simply would change her creature type, power/toughness and remove her triggered ability which would've already triggered isn't a constant effect ability like that of Platinum Angel's.

She might seem a little pricey but she's a 5/5 with flying for 4WhiteWhite even if you disreguard her unique ability so altogether she's solid at rare. Also, her art is literally amazing. I just stared at it the first time I saw it.

Posted By: CaptainBlue (12/25/2012 5:42:54 PM)


I don't know if this was the intent, but its mechanic of protecting something as long as it's around hearkens back to Guardian Angel, if that card was a creature (and wasn't bad). I wouldn't be disappointed if I pulled this from a pack - great artwork, and a decent creature. Not necessarily game-ending, but an interesting and fairly uncommon design space.
Posted By: Equinox523 (2/12/2013 11:24:49 AM)


A pair of these equipped with Darksteel Plate combo nicely with Serenity and Enchanted Evening (or Mycosynth Lattice).
If you like trolling the rest of the table, anyway. Now I'm somewhat tempted to do that, actually...
Posted By: birikin (12/28/2013 3:44:40 PM)


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