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@ Doom_Lich.
Thankyou, I now know what to do with this card. I think i'll try Knowledge Pool in that commander deck to.
Posted By: Whitewing (7/16/2011 8:20:52 PM)


I used this to take control of a Garruk, Primal Hunter in draft. I won.
Posted By: made4ipod (7/17/2011 6:00:38 AM)


Anyone have any suggestions on how to play this card without getting punched in the face? I play Zedruu and this card looks great for it, but I can't see any efficient way of actually resolving it without pooling everyone's permanents and rolling a die for every one.

Would be much more fun on MTGO though.
Posted By: Kazabet (7/18/2011 12:52:28 PM)


While chaos cards are fun, cards like this really are not the best way of going about it. Nearly all of these "big chaos" cards have huge casting costs that lend them to only be played in Commander or other similar formats, and those formats usually have huge numbers of permanents and 3+ players. The end result is that cards like this simply take too long to resolve after being cast, IMHO.
Posted By: Radagast (7/21/2011 10:51:56 AM)


Probably like a wrath in limited- you play it when you're losing badly, and pull a win out of nowhere.
Like a wrath in limited, there's a chance your opponent can come back. It costs 8 though.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/22/2011 6:28:08 AM)


too confusing to use
Posted By: GFrogbottom (8/30/2011 9:54:15 AM)


A game with my friend:

Ok,I have my Platinum Angle out with my Darksteel Forge, Mycosynth Lattice, Tajuru Preserver, Witchbane Orband Indomitable Archangle

I say Scrambleverse

Posted By: ntheawsome (11/26/2011 5:37:57 PM)


@ ntheawsome

That's why I run various counterspells in my version of that deck. There's always that one card that can ruin everything.
Posted By: Virde (12/22/2011 3:04:10 PM)


Trying to build a casual blue / red deck featuring ScrambeVerse with Mind Control and maybe Master Thief. Just wondering, if I take control of one of my opponent's creatures with Mind Control, and then during the permanent swap I lose the creature but keep the enchantment, do I get to retarget a creature or does it just float by itself...? Similar question for Master Thief.

Also currently the deck has a bunch of self-sacrificing artifacts that my opponent will never see, so basically when I cast Scrambleverse I'm just taking @50% of his permanents with me putting up nothing of my own to risk. Any ideas on deck construction are welcome. Thanks!
Posted By: nirvava (1/8/2012 8:16:44 PM)


Posted By: BrianPaone (2/28/2012 10:40:35 AM)