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Oh, sure, I'm going to have 4 of these mythically rare cards in my deck!
Time to start hitting the booster packs...
Posted By: deadeye1387 (11/17/2011 3:31:46 PM)


Using this as a surprise wincon in my sedris EDH deck
Posted By: thexplodingboy (11/28/2011 11:08:23 AM)


Pulled a foil one from my first pack at the Pre-Release, I didn't end up using him. A shame but I'm certain he'll be worth something in a set or two.
Posted By: MagnaLynx21 (12/19/2011 5:46:08 AM)


If you want some quick self-mill, throw this into your grave, pull him out with Havengul Lich, then activate the ability. Costly, but it will throw your whole deck into your graveyard right away. Or you could do it for cheaper with Necrotic Ooze...
Posted By: Luke_BPC (1/20/2012 8:39:51 PM)


interestingly enough people often focus on the ability to the exclusion of his power, which is 5. While his ability is very combo-tastic, 5 damage in the air is a very nice thing if there are no blockers. Also, i may be wrong but if any removal comes along one can use his ability to avoid it, right?
Posted By: jsttu (1/21/2012 8:11:29 PM)


Here's what just happened to me.... I had Back From the Brink in play and Mirror-Mad in my graveyard. I brought him back and used his ability for all of my mana which was seven. One Mirror-Mad in the deck, shuffle him in. Mill myself about twenty cards (including three of my four Drogskol Captains) Next turn... Bring back my two Drogskol Captains from the Graveyard and put them into play with Back From the Brink. All my creatures (all spirits) are now +2/+2 and DOUBLE HEXPROOF!.. including a Mindshrieker I had in play and could use his ability.

TL;DR... Mirror-Mad is awesome. 5/5.
Posted By: Crotchkicker (2/3/2012 12:52:13 AM)


I feel like an evil bastard for using this in EDH with Living Death
Posted By: Roll_Fizzlebeef (2/4/2012 9:38:24 PM)


I like how they mention Necrotic Ooze in the rulings... I think they want a Johnny like me to make this combo with a Laboratory Maniac, then a Gitaxian Probe or some silliness for the win.
Posted By: eisbrecher03 (2/6/2012 6:06:18 PM)


Fun as heck. Love this guy in testing, makes self mill oh so fun.
Posted By: Negated (2/9/2012 7:22:37 PM)


Definately has it's place in a deck running Graveyard wurms, splinterfrights and ghoultrees. Innistrad block has so many cards with this kind of synergy... Wreath of geists etcetc.
Posted By: Carkki (2/11/2012 7:44:48 AM)