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Ah man just made this guy into a general (commander) - bloody tiiiiight! - running a bunch of zombie boosting guys (lord of undead, cem reaper...etc), green totem auras and rancor ..etc, and grafting and counter stuff like quest for gemblade, loxodon warhammer, whispersilk - and some artifact/enchantment kill (just to give yal an idea of its flavor - what do you think?) had some really fun games.
also anybody know any elemental boosting cards (stuff that gives elemental creatures actual bonuses like +1/+1..etc - can't find any)??
Posted By: Zombie_Ninjaz (8/29/2011 3:51:53 AM)


@A0602: It's not only the graveyard and battlefield. It's every zone except library and hand. This includes the Exile zone, as NoobOfLore points out. Notably, this being the Commander set, it also includes the Command zone. If you make a deck with him as the general, every time someone kills him and you re-cast him, he'll still have all the counters he used to have.
Posted By: sonorhC (9/5/2011 9:00:32 AM)


But what do you do when he is Scared?
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (9/8/2011 5:49:33 AM)


Does it keep the counters in the Exile zone?
Not often that this becomes relevant, but good to know, in case he gets flickered or something.

I like how killing this guy with -1/-1 counters makes it so he can't be reanimated.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (10/5/2011 4:06:53 PM)


Not only does he make an awesome general, he also has a badass character bio!

"The undead monstrosity known as Skullbriar was formed when a necromancer and an elementalist entered into a grim pact. The mages wove their magics together in an overgrown cemetery, thinking it would bring them eternal life. Instead it fused them together into Skullbriar, the relentless, restless elemental of death."
Posted By: wstonefi (10/27/2011 6:27:03 PM)


I dont know if anyone noticed, yet this would certainly do well with the new Undying mechanic (Mikaeus, the Unhallowed), coupled with Reanimation of course.
Posted By: Tsuichoi (1/29/2012 3:14:09 PM)


This is how the Ghoultree should look.
Posted By: Dolorosa (2/15/2012 6:08:27 AM)


A true beast of an EDH commander.

The fact that you virtually guaranteed to cast him on turn 2 (or even turn 1, if I get a lotus petal in my hand) and can swing with him right away makes him a commander you can truly build an entire deck around.
Posted By: Ipsilont (2/22/2012 8:47:55 AM)


@ Verdant_Handshake: Neither of those are very good... That Which was Taken's counters have no intrinsic effect, they merely allow the permanent to be made indestructible by That Whic was Raen... If TWwT leaves play, those counters do nothing.

Sensei's Tokens do nothing a all, they just mark the creature, i is an added ability that gives it Bushido, Skullbriar leaves play and the counter does nothing at all.

The best combo's fo this involve things tha give it free counters, such as Ashnod's Transmogrant and any Graft abilities. (many of the best are in green). Remember, when Skullbriar leaves play he forgets what changes were done to him, such as permanently becoming an artifact, or gaining bushido. He only tracks counters, so anything that gives him extea counters = awesome. Too bad Gildet Bairn is blue...
Posted By: Ashrubel (3/17/2012 7:20:11 PM)


Verdant_Handshake: Does it work with Sensei Golden-Tail? The rulings on his Gatherer entry make it clear that the abilities aren't dependent on the counter. I think that if he leaves play, he'll lose those abilities, and come back in with a counter that doesn't do anything.
Posted By: infamado (4/6/2012 4:46:54 PM)