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He's one BEEFY Royal Assassin!
Posted By: Mike-C (11/5/2011 7:18:26 AM)


Dies to... Fate Transfer?
Posted By: PhyrexianAdvocate (11/16/2011 11:35:54 AM)


In my opinion, Gideon is like a Baneslayer Angel, except it cannot be killed by dismember or sorcery creature kill. He makes racing and overcoming him very difficult. He is also stupid good with Day of Judgement, either before or after he hits play. What other "creature" can swing for 6 at a player on the same turn as a Day of Judgement?

He can also "duel" other big creatures well since he can kill tapped creatures. As long as the bomb doesn't hit him when it swings or Gideon's Loyaly is higher than it, or you can tap it with another card, Gideon can trump the bomb. The only creatures I can think of that can do well versus Gideon on their own are listed below and they all cost 6. Are there any good ones that cost less than 6 that straight up own Gideon?

The only bombs he doesn't trump are most titans and wurmcoil (sort of) and Concerated Sphinx. Sun Titan has vigilance and Grave Titan and Inferno Titan make dudes/damage to help kill gideon and Primeval titan can get wolf run... (see all)
Posted By: VancouverPlayer (11/19/2011 6:29:49 PM)


I think it'd be a lot more interesting of Gideon's last ability was he became an X/X with X equal to the number of loyalty counters on him instead of just a 6/6. Makes you play around with his abilities more and makes him more useful the more times you use his first ability.
Posted By: Zielheim (12/6/2011 11:51:21 AM)


If Gidoen's third ability says prevent all damage that wouls be delt to him this turn, why is it in the rulings that he still takes damage?
Posted By: argonignus45 (12/20/2011 2:04:33 PM)


Remember when Gideon first came out, and people scoffed that he was basically Sleep for 3WhiteWhite, and we all had to patiently explain, over and over again, how amazing a Sleep for White Weenie would be?

...and then suddenly he was all the rage, topping out for awhile at $100 for a playset? Yeah. People woke up.
Posted By: Salient (1/17/2012 2:14:35 AM)


If you somehow make damage unpreventable and then deal 6 damage to him when he uses his 0 (while also having 6 or less loyalty), this card becomes the only one that dies to 2 state-based actions simultaneously (damage equal to his toughness and no loyalty counters).
Posted By: Pick15 (1/26/2012 9:13:44 PM)


The_Trendkill: I have a similar story! My friend and I went to the shop to kill some time and get boosters. This was back when we first started playing. From one of the RotE packs I open, I find my first foil from the set, my first mythic from the set, and my first planeswalker, all in one: this guy. I still have him in a protective case somewhere.
Posted By: Totema (2/2/2012 2:39:01 AM)



His third ability does prevent damage, but some damage can't be prevented (i.e. if you kick Urza's Rage, the damage it deals becomes unpreventable). The ruling clarifies what happens to Gideon when such damage is dealt to him; i.e. if he's hit with Urza's Rage, the 10 damage affects him as both a planeswalker and as a creature.


I believe Averyck was referring to his ability to become a creature. When he's a creature he can be doom bladed, which is why Averyck said "oddly enough..."
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (3/18/2012 12:29:06 PM)


One thing I am curious about. Say you play his 0 ability and turn him into a creature. Does that mean you'd then be able to put some kind of equipment on him?
Posted By: VirusVescichetta (4/26/2012 11:32:45 AM)