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A little slower than aggro and not big enough to be a bomb, sadly in limbo for deck construction and is not seeing play =(
Posted By: shotoku64 (2/9/2013 1:23:03 AM)


1White for Honor of the Pure and then some is good.
WhiteWhite for 2/2 Flying and ability is good.
This card is very good.
Posted By: FatalEagle (2/9/2013 2:30:47 PM)


how does this interact with Norn's Annex against a non-white player?
Posted By: Averyck (3/26/2013 6:46:24 PM)


This will sound really stupid, but this actually goes well with a sacrifice deck.
Wait! Lemme explain. If you're using a deck with tons of sacrifice stuff, and have cards with "whenever another (nontoken) creature dies", it should be annoying. Your opponent will hate it.

If you're doing well, then put this down.

If you're smart, you're sac-ing weenies, mostly 1/1 Spirits, Humans, whatever. This doubles their power- threatening if you have a lot of them.
Now that you can't sac, you can go aggro!
They'll find it annoying, and will try to kill your Lord. But, that would let you get back to your sacrificing shenanagins.

It's a threat, and I love it :D.
Posted By: Mistralis (4/10/2013 6:12:14 PM)


Linvala, Keeper of Silence's little sister.

Now we just need an aggressively costed angel that hates on discarding and deck mill.
Posted By: MattLynn (5/17/2013 1:52:21 PM)


So does this prevent players from attacking with Norn's Annex on the field?
Posted By: Wizymon (5/28/2013 5:46:08 PM)


i usually respond to this angel with a little thing i like to call KILLING WAVE.
Posted By: FaceClaimer (6/28/2013 7:57:37 PM)


Norn's annex is a triggered ability; so there is no effect on that.

This definitely screams "kill me now" to a lot of decks; and some have no good answers to it (pod) because they rely on tool-box style decks.
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/29/2013 10:29:14 AM)


Hates on a number of combos while advancing a white aggro deck's clock. The vulnerability to Lightning Bolt and shutting down your own fetch lands probably relegates this card to the sideboard though.
Posted By: absreim (7/31/2013 9:49:49 AM)


This is one of my favorite angels ever! One she can screw a black deck up beyond repair and she bumps up tiny 1/1 tokens. I have her in a mono white soldier token deck. Wish this art had been the Baneslayer's artwork. Maybe then I would have loved that card to.
Posted By: ChandraAblaze (12/7/2013 11:46:25 AM)


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