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My favorite EDH combo. This and you know what.
Posted By: Shadoflaam (8/17/2012 2:04:18 PM)


With the new Vizkopa Guildmage from Gatecrash, you can go infinite in Standard with Exquisite Blood
Posted By: Albinobear43 (1/17/2013 5:23:51 PM)


*ahem* for a legitimate strategy that's not as lame as going infinite, Shepherd of Rot, Personal Sanctuary, and this.
Posted By: Gloom_Sturgeon (2/4/2013 9:47:27 PM)


This, as well as the previously mentioned combo with Vizkopa Guildmage, is a great card to pair with a Chalice of Death. Having this enchantment out works great with Orzhov, with the shock lands in play (Gives them the choice of making you gain life when they bring it out untapped), and with great lifegain cards in Standard.
Posted By: ajolt151 (3/12/2013 8:22:17 AM)


In multiplayer, if people just happen to ignore you and beat down everyone else, you prosper. Just stating the obvious.
Posted By: raptorman333 (4/29/2013 1:09:35 PM)


Every once in a while R&D are taken out of their cubicles, locked in a dark room with vampires, werewolves, and zombies and told to find a way to escape ...

... and then stuff like this happens.

5/5 for making black even more ridiculous than it already is
Muahahahahahahahahaha ....
Posted By: Vastator (7/5/2013 5:11:10 PM)


Sanguine Bond is in M14. For two and a half glorious months, these two cards will be in the same Standard environment.
Posted By: Continue (7/9/2013 5:50:31 PM)


Maralen of the Mornsong deck? Spend the first few turns searching up Maralen, then get these two out?
Posted By: NARFNra (7/12/2013 1:08:41 PM)


correct me if im wrong but this plus Sanguine Bond create an infinite loop?
Posted By: bbom (8/22/2013 9:06:57 PM)


It's great with sanguine bond and Norns annex
Posted By: Absolut69 (10/5/2013 2:53:51 PM)