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This card is so fairly created that if it costed any less than 5BlackBlack, it would've been raved about and played in nearly every black EDH deck.

This card is another one of those "Awesome Black Enchantments". Despite not having much tech to help with it, Black seems to have the most game-changing, enemy-making, card-advantaging enchantments in the game.

Contamination, Phyrexian Arena, Bitterblossom, Reoccurring Nightmare, No Mercy, Underworld Dreams, Animate Dead, Sanguine Bond, Bloodchief Ascension, Death Pits of Rath, Bridge from Below, Black Market, Tainted Æther, Necropotence, Yawgmoth's Bargain, Grave Pact... Never mind the non-mono-black enchantments ... (see all)
Posted By: Ferlord (5/31/2013 10:55:09 AM)


Glorious for horde. It even turns them into zombies. Nothing like deciding between taking 4 poison from the toxic nim and giving the zombies your Urabrask.

It's also quite scary knowing that there's a plaguewind lurking around in the horde deck somewhere, just waiting for you to have a lot of good creatures in play.
Posted By: SAUS3 (6/21/2013 2:22:13 PM)


Great for when I Mutilate the field, or go for the throat a fatty, or ya' know, generally maim something. Well priced, as this could be a heck of a card when someone field wipes. . .

In a good situation, instead of using Griselbrand. I could bring up Riever demon from my sideboard, play this card, bomb the field with Riever (keeping all my black creatures alive, mind you), and then proceed the game with every creature on my side of the field.

4.5/5 (if it were priced less, maybe CMC 4 or 5, it'd be a 5/5 for just being OP as hell)
Posted By: Quake5master (6/25/2013 12:00:53 PM)


Well this will be going in my Black Multiplayer creature deck.
Posted By: Polycotton (7/29/2013 3:36:33 AM)


Lifeline+ one creature with Indestructible + this and a Wrath. I have all the creatures dumdy dumdy dum...
Posted By: MindAblaze (8/2/2013 1:52:08 PM)


Solid enchantment. The mana cost prevents it from seeing play 1 on 1. But multiplayer....
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/4/2013 8:28:14 PM)


Obzedat's Aid it onto the battlefield?
Posted By: TowerDefender (11/8/2013 10:40:22 AM)


This + Sheoldred, Whispering One is just mean. Also pretty cruel with Liliana of the Veil. And Vraska the Unseen. Generally anything that makes your opponents' creatures die.
Posted By: Manite (11/23/2013 10:14:28 PM)


@BenCheshire: Read the rulings on the details page: "If the creature card leaves the graveyard before the delayed triggered ability resolves, it won't return to the battlefield. This is also true if the card leaves the graveyard and returns to the graveyard before that ability resolves."

So no, you wouldn't get it, and it would stay in its owner's library.
Posted By: IceMetalPunk (1/1/2014 10:36:43 PM)


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