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Ridiculusly powerful card
Posted By: planeswalkerinfinity (9/17/2012 4:52:16 PM)


"Divide by zero? More like taking the limit of 1/n as n approaches infinity...."
bowlofgumbo....has someone been reading The Methods of Rationality by LessWrong? o.O

I really really hope that an enchantment is Designed with the rules text "Target ability gains Overload."
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/19/2012 7:45:11 PM)


had the delicious pleasure of responding with an angel's grace to this crappy card recently. laughing maliciously i then took my turn and swung in for the win.
Posted By: starcrusher (5/13/2013 10:50:35 PM)


I was laughing at some guy who got this in his sealed pool and actually tried to play it... until I got doored. Now I respect the Door.
Posted By: Fenix. (7/11/2012 8:14:26 AM)


In Multiplyer the targeted player will cry, knock you out or suicide. Best, you choose Eeny, meeny, miny, moe :D
Posted By: Hancocky (7/12/2012 12:30:12 PM)


@bowlofgumbo ............. 0
Posted By: danyo622 (7/12/2012 1:41:58 PM)


I love the art for this card now compared to the earlier versions. Sure it's not a very viable card, but it wins you the game for 10 mana if you can pull it off while your opponent tries desperately to stop you. I can't see myself playing it, but it looks like a really fun card to play and even better when you win with it. If nothing else, I can just imagine a "Yes, that just happened." moment from one of these.
Posted By: Wurmcaller (7/13/2012 9:23:10 PM)


Hilarious, though annoying if it works.

I'm rather surprised this thing is not legendary and/or doesn't exhile itself when used. I mean, it is a "Door to Nothingness."
Posted By: Radagast (7/14/2012 9:44:10 AM)


My favorite part about this card is that it's "target player," not "target opponent." Just in case you want to use it on yourself......
Posted By: Zetan (7/16/2012 10:54:51 AM)


I love this!! Although not competitive, I play a casual infinite mana deck with wirewood channeler and pemmin's aura. Add in filigree sages and some planar portals, and you have yet another way to crush your opponent in as humiliating a fashion as possible. Having this, joraga war-caller, legacy weapon and ambassador loquatus go off in one turn is pure awesomeness.
Posted By: lonedonkey (7/16/2012 11:29:02 AM)


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