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Summoner's Egg..
Posted By: TowerDefender (6/14/2013 11:51:15 AM)


My only question is what if you have more than one? Would the exiled cards go in different piles, and if you have two and a one dies would you be able to recover a card exiled by the dead one if the other broker was also in play when the first one was?

Serious questions.
Posted By: Randowar (6/19/2013 11:14:16 PM)


Don't think it's so good, nice design, art and flavor and all, but very vulnerable and a high mana cost for a looter. You might stow some stuff you need with her, then she gets burned and you're boned. Would've been almost a staple at 2/3, it's too bad she doesn't have a single point of power.

3/5 casual fun and flavor
Posted By: patronofthesound (7/16/2013 12:36:13 AM)


A good library filter and a good way to protect your late game threats against discard. It may be too slow for competitive formats but it looks like a fun Johnny card to toy around with.
Posted By: chrome_dome (9/5/2013 11:17:56 PM)


It's a shame this doesn't cost UB. Control needs a X/3 card advantage 2 cost to block all the bears in agro (like BTE) while still being good against control. So Omenspeaker must take the role, even though I'd rather run this guy.
Posted By: Reign274 (9/7/2013 11:10:49 AM)


Fantastic card, has plenty of uses. One of them is hiding a card in hand from something like Duress. It can block, generate card advantage, and dig for combos. 4.5/5
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/18/2013 6:33:10 AM)


@Randowar: See the official ruling: Bane Alley Broker's second and third abilities apply to cards exiled with that specific Bane Alley Broker, not any other creature named Bane Alley Broker. You should keep cards exiled by different Bane Alley Brokers separate.
Posted By: Toquinha1977 (3/5/2014 1:25:38 PM)