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"Get 'em ASAP, before they become physically impossible to buy at a reasonable price." --TheWallinator74

Damn, they had their first value spike from 3 to 9 bucks mid-October already.
(Does anyone know what caused it? Some popular deck that the copycats loved to replicate maybe?)

I don't expect it to end up at dimensions as ridiculous as Gaea's Cradle,
but I'm afraid they'll get another value boost eventually.
Posted By: Mode (10/29/2013 3:57:18 PM)


is the second ability a mana ability?
Posted By: smgfeenix (11/1/2013 7:55:37 PM)


This is such an amazing card. I use it in my monoblue devotion deck in tandem with Nightveil Specter and Curse of the Swine.

With Nightveil, I can access other colors of mana via the hybrid mana symbols in Frostburn Weird, Nightveil Specter, and Judge's Familiar to cast an opponent's cards of any color (except green).

With Curse of the Swine, the massive amount of mana it makes available allows me to just sweep the board of all of my opponents creatures (especially if I follow up with Cyclonic Rift).

Not to mention, of course, how phenomenal this card is at just ramping in any color you choose. 5/5
Posted By: jlbyellin (11/6/2013 10:48:46 AM)


@jibyellin - Even if the boar tokens did add to your devotion, they are green and the opponent gets them so they still wouldn't help you.
Posted By: darkstorm332 (11/13/2013 7:31:15 AM)


This is an incredibly powerful mana generator a la Gaea's Cradle, Cabal Coffers or Tolarian Academy (though not as broken as the latter). The sheer weakness of land destruction in recent times makes this completely capable of generating an obscene amount of colored mana early, and you can't even destroy it with your own copy now that the legend rule has been modified.

The fact that Voyaging Satyr exists in the same set is just icing on the cake. Get these while you can, they will be incredibly expensive.
Posted By: Equinox523 (11/19/2013 6:44:49 AM)


I'm really surprised no one has fully abused the new legendary rule and Crucible of Worlds with this. Get your devotion up, tap Nykthos, Shrine to Nix make sure you keep 2 floating, then play another Nykthos, Shrine to Nix as your land for the turn and get out your big bomb or win con. Next turn, just keep cycling Nykthos, Shrine to Nix with Crucible of Worlds. Maybe I'm just thinking totally crazy here...
Posted By: mtg-fanatic (12/12/2013 8:57:06 PM)


This + This + This+ This = WIN
Surely it can be used in Mono or multi. I see this making it into my Blue Defender/Mill deck with Sands of Delirium.
Posted By: DeathFromAbove-1 (12/14/2013 4:12:19 AM)


It's obvious just how good this card can be with mono decks. But what people seem to be overlooking is that this card is also very effective with multi-coloured decks.

As long as you have a devotion to any given colour of 2 or more, it's effective as a mana converter, if nothing else. Running a GW deck and want to pump up your Blessing? Even if you have no other white cards on the board, you can convert two Forest into white mana.

Definitely a great card with mono-devotion decks; but in Standard, I'm including this in my multicoloured as well.
Posted By: Named_Tawny (12/15/2013 10:58:07 PM)


Get these while they are 'cheep' they will almost certainly go up*

This card could be the next 'Urza Land' from what I have seen playing it, and its far and away the most powerful land printed since Valakut, the molten pinnacle

5/5 Stars

*With my luck this thing will be 2 dollars a piece in a month :/
Posted By: Hunter06 (12/20/2013 6:32:23 AM)


Nykthos: you don't deserve 4.
Posted By: ElvisPriestley (12/23/2013 2:37:19 AM)