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So.... at best it's a 5/2 for {5}{B}.. that can't block. Yeah, next.
Posted By: tcollins (5/2/2014 6:27:05 PM)


If your dumb enough to use expensive stuff like this, you probably win the clash.
Posted By: yesennes (5/7/2014 8:05:24 PM)


I've just been having a good laugh looking at the worst creatures in the game, and for me it's down to the wire with this and the Outcast. The Viashino Skeleton at least could put something into the graveyard. However i do actually believe there is some point to the Hoodlums and I have decided to outline it as follows.

1. The 6 CMC is incentivising Clash. It is the highest CMC out of the common clash creatures and is encouraging you to put other Clash cards in your deck.

2. It's a Goblin and it's from Lorwyn. You might well be able to regenerate it with Mad Auntie and combine it with other Goblin tribal from that set. As Goblins are usually weak, it might become a surprise heavy hitter to break the clogged board states of Lorwyn block. It is also the highest CMC Goblin and therefore...um... good for clash in a limited black goblin deck that wants to use clash?

3. As with all "bad cards" it is to show that there are better examples of the same thing in the environment around it, but ... (see all)
Posted By: Lordocean (6/2/2014 4:08:50 PM)


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