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Best thing about this card, is (apart from bouncing cards which untaps them) because its uses an ability rather than a spell to bring creatures into play, your opponent can't counter them!! This has won me countless games, pair up with Leonin Elder, plenty of artifact lands and Thousand Year Elixer and your life gain will go through the roof (especially if you bounce Filigree Angel)
Posted By: Jagdman (9/1/2009 1:24:12 PM)


If I had a dollar for every time this card won the game for me, I would have several dollars. This card is an absolute beast. The combos speak for themselves.
Posted By: Owls_and_More_Owls (9/7/2009 8:55:10 PM)


other cards that work very nicely with Master Transmuter
Kaleidostone - return it to your hand to play a card from your hand, then play Kaleidostone again to keep your hand healthy.
Platinum Angel - I shall say no more.
Filigree Angel - Bouncing this card to your hand and back to the field once or more times per turn seems a little unfair on your opponent. Usually by the time this guy comes out you could expect to have about 7 artifacts on the field (Fieldmist Borderpost, Mistvein Borderpost, Obelisk of Esper, Kaleidostone, Master Transmuter, Etherium Sculptor, and Filigree Angel as its effect resolves after is has hit the field). That is a total life gain of 21, if you have only 1 Master Transmuter on the field.
Darksteel Colossus
Sharuum the Hegemon - Becau... (see all)
Posted By: ArKive (10/7/2009 7:20:10 PM)


I'd imagine the only reason this isn't a mythic rare is due to the weak body (1/2 for 4 mana isn't too flash). The ability is certainly a game winner if not quelled quickly. It's essentially part Elvish Piper, part Unsummon - thanks to which, you can constantly reactivate the many come-into-play abilities for effectively 1 island.

The last few games I've played have all ended up virtually the same: Master Transmuter and Sanctum Gargoyle out with a Scourglass in the graveyard. At the end of the opponent's turn transmute the Gargoyle into itself and withdraw the Scourglass from the graveyard. Use Scourglass as needed, then repeat the combo to get it out of the graveyard if you do.

Whilst I haven't come up against it myself, Pithing Needle would be a real combo breaker though. I usually play with one Dispellers Capsule for destroying important opposition artifacts (ie. Eldrazi or Platinum Angel), so I can only hope that it either isn't in the graveyard at the time, or I still have one o... (see all)
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (10/17/2009 11:25:09 AM)


ArKive - You are correct about the -2/-2 in that it cannot be regenerated from. Doesn't really matter with her, because she can bounce and replay herself, but you're right. Also, Inkwell Leviathan can be bounced because her ability does not target.

She might be blonde, but her body is kind of a turn off.
Posted By: Weebo126 (10/20/2009 10:01:54 PM)


Looks like standard legal Tinker!
Posted By: LeoKula (11/16/2009 5:33:40 AM)


AWWWWW man... so someone has officially thought of that combo before me... Shit!
That's the same strategy I've been building a theoretical deck around for the past few days.
I'd tell you how I'd make it even better but I don't want anyone else joining the 1-man-game bandwagon until I at least make the deck and test it out.
Posted By: Fictionarious (11/18/2009 8:13:03 PM)


This card makes a Sphinx deck soooooo much easier (and faster :3)
Posted By: Llandner (11/22/2009 12:20:55 PM)


Even if it weren't an awesome card, this would still get 5/5 for awesome art.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (11/24/2009 10:28:44 AM)


Man, this card is so friggin' broken. They really made a mistake making her a rare, she shouldve been a mythic, but who's complaining?
Posted By: U-caster (1/3/2010 2:05:33 PM)


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