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Great card, hard to argue with its art, effectiveness, or cool ability. Obviously makes an instant addition to any deck which likes cascade spells, and the shroud he is wearing should keep him safe while he beats the heck out of your opponent ;)

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/15/2010 11:40:59 AM)


I love this card. I'm using one now. Shroud definately stops those red decks I always play. Great blue card. Drafted one in my first Zen draft.
Posted By: murder100 (1/21/2010 5:03:20 PM)


Arguably blue's best large creature at 6 mana without any drawbacks currently. While it would lose in combat against Mahamoti Djinn (5/6 flying), there are so many anti-creature targeted spells available now that shroud is a useful keyword. Devastating in limited formats.
Posted By: ClowWizardEriol (1/29/2010 5:57:27 PM)


Great combo with the Djinn of Wishes. Shroud may be the coolest creature ability in standard, in my opinion. Cost efficient as well. Gotta love all of blue's flyers.
Posted By: thezanet (2/2/2010 7:30:41 AM)


this is by far my favorite card in the format right now.
Posted By: mordecai17 (4/13/2010 12:00:06 AM)


Powerful, decently mana-efficient (not Baneslayer-level, but much easier on the wallet), and most importantly, heavily resistant to removal. My current win condition in my U/W control deck, and I've been very satisfied anytime I've been able to bring one out. I really love this guy.
Posted By: yesnomu (6/4/2010 11:33:29 PM)


Dangit, my friend has like 2 of these, and every time it comes out it causes me nothing but trouble. My blue control decks rarely have an answer ready for it. If I don't counter the minute he tries to cast it I'm essentially screwed. I can't bounce it, I can't keep it tapped down, I can't snakeform it, all I can do is try to chump block it with the few flying creatures I have and hope I draw one of my finishers before it kills me. I really need to get one or two for my blue decks lol
Posted By: IshubarashI (8/11/2010 1:30:27 PM)


That's why it's called Jwar Isle Refuge!!
Posted By: divine_exodus (9/27/2010 3:11:21 PM)


I love this guy so much. I really wish Baneslayer didn't get reprinted in M11 because maybe he'd actually see play.
Posted By: midnightvenom (10/5/2010 7:57:03 PM)


Surprised it wasn't Mythic - people can actually afford these!

Anyway, great card.
Posted By: Radagast (10/14/2010 9:30:58 AM)


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