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Lets do the time warp again!
Posted By: faisjdas (9/6/2010 10:08:13 AM)


Just for the record, Frank-N-Furter doesn't sing Time Warp.
Posted By: richardshort (3/4/2012 3:18:09 PM)



I guess you're right. I'm being a little selfish. And I didn't realize that you could potentially free mana for counters as WELL as attacking extra with this. But still, I'd prefer it if it costed 1 less (at which point it would be a bit worthy of its mythic status,) and its a tad bit to slow for not THAT great an effect (though that is a great effect) to be mythic, especially with a color well known for its slowness. Though I could actually use it in the new RU deck I built. :D

You know what, forget my complaints against this. This is a wonderful card, and taking extra turns is absolutely awesome. (Especially in my red blue highlander that once took 7 turns in a row for 12 mana.)
Posted By: UltimaCenturion (6/12/2010 9:50:47 PM)


not as good as time walk power leek. Hey I have seen people saying there is a power creep because something new is better then a alpha card.
Posted By: dragonking987 (3/28/2011 9:38:25 PM)


you get to time walk a player. nuff said.
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (11/13/2011 6:24:40 PM)


now Twincast this and twincast your twincast!
Posted By: bagilis (9/10/2010 12:52:58 AM)


Mythic staus? Really? I don't see taking an extra turn as being something worthy of mythic. It could have definitely replaced an awful rare, like Hive Mind.
Posted By: Oleander (7/12/2009 10:22:33 PM)


I agree with ValenceTheElectron about black being under powered. Why can't they find a way to make a card like this black. I have only found one card that acts some what like this and Sen Triplets (it's Sorin Markov) but I have to wait until Zendikar is released to use it. Start powering up black!
Posted By: Demonic_Angel13 (11/2/2009 8:56:41 PM)


I like this a lot. The flavor text makes me feel as if I've wiped my opponents creatures off the board in one turn, then destroyed him the next.
Posted By: U-caster (1/4/2010 4:36:13 PM)


Time Walk. But Time Walk is banned.
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/8/2010 10:46:18 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!