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This thing on avg will cost you 4-5 mana for an 8/8 Trampler.

4.8/5 imo. Really, really good.
Posted By: Kryplixx (5/29/2010 9:52:30 AM)


Late in the game, green creature deck, free 8/8 with tramble? Huge boost.
Posted By: TBaker2.0 (6/24/2010 11:09:47 AM)


Thinkiing this is as good value creature as it gets for green..play a couple elves..a bestial menace or 2 and he you get an 8/8 trample for free..have 2 in ur hand and u get 2 for free!!!
Posted By: GarruksCompadre (7/8/2010 10:06:19 PM)


{3}{G}{G}{G}Terra Stomper vs. {G}{G}{G}{G}{G}{G}{G}{G}Khalni Hydra? (ignoring the prices of both)

Well first of all, the stomper dino dude can be played outside monogreen (at least more than when compared to the hydra). Get the stomper if you're playing a deck that doesnt have 4 Primalcruxes in them. If you're like me who's rolling with 4 Cruxes, then quite obviously, i'll pick the hydra. The synergy between Crux and Hydra is too awesome to p@ss up. And i also think of it this way: although Khalni Hydra can most certainly be countered, Terra Stomper will NEVER be 0 to cast. i'll just make up for the counterability with something like Autumn's Veil since i would most certainly have the mana to spare more often than not.
Posted By: Wratharrow (7/15/2010 6:48:22 PM)


My Eldrazi Green deck goes nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom.

Terra Stomper has nothing on this. Not only does this beast have a T3 drop, but in the case you draw him late game, he'll be insanely cheap (may even become a 0 cost!). You draw Terra Stomper... aw crap, still have to pay the 6.

Edit: And who in their right mind plays Greenweaver Druid and not 8 much cheaper costing and curve-friendly Llanowar Elves (including Arbor Elf)? Yeah... I thought so. Your comment is null, Robert_G.

To be fair to Terra Stomper, it's sideboard-able for WU control maybe.
Posted By: SolidSoldier (9/3/2010 1:56:19 AM)


Hey, Arbor Dryads and Llanowar Elves, come on over here, there's someone I want you all to meet!
Posted By: Weary_PSI (9/26/2010 1:53:35 AM)


T1, Forest,Arbor Elf / Llanowar Elf
T2, Forest, Arbor Elf / Llanowar Elf and then another Arbor Elf / Llanowar Elf... maybe another Arbor Elf / Llanowar Elf
T3, Forest, Khalni Hydra, FTW

... thats a turn 3 8/8 trampler
Posted By: Sir_Kaeru (9/28/2010 1:43:50 AM)


Green fatties have kinda been in a downturn since the end of the onslaught block. Its nice to have good fatties again, especially since the quality are exploding. This guy can almost become a green deck staple. With the rate green can spit out creatures, he's good draw at almost all turns.
Posted By: dacow (9/28/2010 3:25:20 PM)


has affinity for turdlets.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/13/2010 11:17:30 PM)


Though each is more useful in inverse situations, I prefer Avatar of Might over this.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (10/25/2010 3:29:39 AM)