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Okay, this is strictly worse than Fever Charm.


I mean, come on.
Posted By: LordRandomness (4/14/2013 12:18:34 AM)


A total trash card that should have never seen print. Not even usable in Limited.
Posted By: Nagoragama (5/5/2013 6:23:13 PM)


This is actually a pretty good option, since if your strength score is high enough you can do quite a lot. Sure, it has the downside that you're going to provoke an attack of opportunity, but the chance to immediately kill an opponent by pushing them over the edge of a cliff is difficult to pass up! A good hint, though, is to avoid using this ability on creatures that are larger than you, because they will get a hefty bonus to--


I seem to have made a mistake.
Posted By: Hungerstriker (5/15/2013 7:23:32 AM)


"Chandra, I know we got off on the wrong foot, but let me give you this."

"Nicol Bolas, I'm not that much of a creature person. I like my creatures crisped"

"That's true, but I think you'll want to run some creatures when you see... this!"
Posted By: Ferlord (6/3/2013 7:20:03 AM)


I'm not quite understanding what you guys are bitching bout here. It isnt the best instant pump, to be sure, but to downrate it just because it isn't your first choice is kind of strange. Granted, I would probably run a color with different and better pump, but for a mono-red agro, I would say that this isn't a bad choice, if nothing much better presents itself. The only card i can think of off the top of my head that is better is Banners Raised
Posted By: The_Perfect_Storm117 (7/29/2013 5:54:49 AM)



Thing is, it cannot really be compared to cards that are sorceries, or that can only be played as sorceries.
Posted By: gut.gemacht (1/25/2014 7:23:17 PM)