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I like this card a lot, but it sucks in standard because there aren't really any other good spiders. Maybe if used in combo with that green inn. card that generates spider tokens...
Posted By: Macsen (10/18/2011 8:45:53 AM)


This seems too yu-gi-oh-esque to me, both the GY search and the specific naming of another card. I dislike it on those grounds, but the creature itself, sans silly ability, is good enough to block 2 of the titans and live(grave kills, frost bypasses, inferno kills).
Posted By: alucard311 (7/7/2011 5:00:22 PM)


Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (7/7/2011 6:31:34 PM)


Doesn't this get past Shroud/Hexproof too? That's pretty neat.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (8/10/2011 3:19:53 PM)


Pretty cool that the Web ability even bypasses summoning sickness, if this is the only Spider you have on the battlefield when you cast it.

And WTF is Yu-Gi-Oh? LOL
Posted By: Long_Con (8/12/2011 6:10:39 AM)


It's like some sort of immigrant from YuGiOh.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (9/16/2012 2:20:23 PM)


So I'm sorry for souding dumb, I missed quite a few editions (last I bought was 2 packs or Lorwyn),
But what -is- the attached effect? does it have to be paired up with another card to take effect?
I like the fact you can search it wherever you need, helps trimming the deck and get some speed on, but I still can't see what the attached effect could be.
Posted By: Phibius2 (7/13/2011 8:03:32 AM)


That... Isn't... terrible. With beast within in standard, monogreen spider control? Eh.

@Phibius2: When you enchant something, the enchantment becomes attached. When you equip something, it becomes attached. It is just a word for it being "enchanted" by the arachnus web, except you dont actually cast the spell.
Posted By: TheSwarm (7/14/2011 12:03:08 AM)


Very interesting design. I can only see a few people playing it, but I imagine those who do will have fun.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (7/18/2011 3:53:26 PM)


I have a question about this card. My friend had a Spirit Mantle equipped on a creature which makes it protection from creatures. My question is: Is the Arachnus Spinner ability able to be used to target said creature with Spirit Mantle on it?
Posted By: vdawgy13 (8/8/2011 11:14:22 PM)


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