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Yup. Subject is "number," which is singular.
Posted By: The_AC (4/15/2013 2:23:32 PM)


I once managed to pull off a murderous combo I hadn't even planned with this Jace, a Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind general, and a Consecrated Sphinx. I laid the sphinx, used Jace's -7, and let myself and another guy draw 20. I got to draw 60 cards and let Niv roast the other two players for gratuitous general damagey goodness.

Not a combo I'd plan for willingly unless I was sure I could get all 3 cards out and useable. Still, this Jace is great for any Firemind deck for the fact that his +1 triggers your general, and his -7 unleashes him.
Posted By: mrchuckmorris (6/19/2013 9:07:07 AM)


Does not deserve this low a rating. Control decks lack win conditions and this Jace not only gives you a very good one but it will also draw you the cards you need to stabilise to the point where you can just win with it! I would go as far as saying it's better than Tap in a dedicated control deck.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (11/9/2013 9:27:28 PM)


This is really the greatest mill card of all. Need cards? Add a loyalty counter and get a bit of milling done. Don't need to draw? Have a free Glimpse the Unthinkable. Opponent has <20 cards in his/her library? Force the poor guy to draw twenty, and you have one less person to worry about, while causing the rest of the players to greatly deplete their libraries. This guy makes mill usable in multiplayer.
Posted By: RazorYeti (4/4/2014 9:15:13 AM)


Mill 10 for free. Five stars.
Posted By: purplebackpack89 (4/8/2014 11:14:01 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!