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Her ability is a fine test of human judgment and Magic mechanics/language. Give her an ability that can impact the opponent but improves their position, and watch the hate flow. In contrast, look at Dakra Mystic.

For one, the Mystic's ability affects both players at once. If Pharika's was somehow simultaneous, I think we'd be seeing less hate. The timing of Mystic converts it into an interesting mini-game as opposed to presenting an option that seems almost always bad.

For two, the Mystic's wording presents you with an explicit choice ("You may"), whereas the choice in using Pharika's ability is implicit. Imperative language exaggerates possible negative outcomes and stifles the imagination.

And three, the Mystic doesn't interact with the graveyard, while Pharika does when we've been spoiled already. We've been spoiled with library man... (see all)
Posted By: DoorDie (6/4/2014 3:06:35 AM)


I also would have preferred if she had deathtouch/lifegain, at least it would have made more sense from a mechanical flavor perspective based on what she is supposed to represent-but if you look at a larger version of the art it appears that she has scars running through her eyes, making her blind-accounting for the lack of deathtouch on a gorgon, which could also explain why her Menders wear the helmet over their eyes as well.
Posted By: Aged_Gorgon_Zola (6/6/2014 12:24:20 AM)


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