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Gotta love the abilities, the 4/4 body, and the block he came from... 5/5
Posted By: Kontrah (10/24/2013 3:18:05 PM)


Everytime I stumble across this card my love for Grixis and artifacts and the history of the brothers just screams at me "Make this a general!"

Then it hits me why that wouldn't work and I die a little inside.
Posted By: Moxxy (10/25/2013 9:48:32 PM)


Ugh I just wish he was a great EDH general, I honestly have no idea how to make him into a general that could be really good and still somehow get past the EDH rules of only having one card legally.

Still great card in every aspect 4.5/5
Posted By: Umbric (11/18/2013 2:51:44 PM)


In terms of body and everything, he is perfect. A 4/4 for 1BlackBlueRed is fantastic, especially for one who doesn't have a particularly aggressive ability. He is a casual god.

It is a bit of a problem that he is hard to play with in EDH, and if you use him as your general, you know you're just doing it for style points. It's like play Phage the Untouchable as your general (which is entirely possible via Torpor Orb or Platinum Angel).

All in all, it's fantastic that they created a card for the one man who essentially WAS magics story for a while.
Posted By: Ferlord (11/25/2013 11:56:55 AM)


how about wormcoil engine?
Posted By: raptorman333 (1/13/2014 11:23:02 AM)


Possibly the best legendary for any Commander deck, ever.
Posted By: Dismiss (1/21/2014 8:31:26 PM)


How has this not seen play in any artifact deck? First time ive noticed it.
Posted By: SavageK2 (1/26/2014 12:25:56 AM)


They really should give Urza and Mishra iconic versions that are solid in Commander. This version of Mishra wants to be good, but anyone looking at his cost should immediately picture him as a Commander, but then you get to his ability which seems almost purposefully anti-Commander. My thinking is Commander/EDH weren't a huge format when they designed Mishra.
Posted By: zeniongames (3/1/2014 3:19:46 AM)


No, he isn't a good commander. No, Wizards probably wasn't thinking about that format when they designed this card. Yes, this is still an insane card for 60 card artifact decks. Not every card is going to be great for your pet format.
Posted By: docjarvisd09 (4/22/2014 2:10:41 PM)