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6 mana for a 6/6 flyer?
Scour your deck and cast for free?
Sure you lose everything else but if that's not advantagous then... Don't attack maybe?
Solid card, not too OP because of possibilty to backfire. Easy 5/5.

not just cascade... more of a cascade meets ninjitsu and has devil's child

EDIT: i made a play-test T2 deck for him and get emrakul & at least 1 other epic card (eldrazi titan, ultimatum, bolas...) out by turn 7 every time.
i stretched to T1 and use dark rituals to same effect ~ turn 4 and at the most, turn 7
not trying to brag, just pointing out how miserably underrated he is.
also just plane fun
btw, boulderv8 is genious w/ mirror of fate. Use that and selective memory ftw

EDIT 2: @ takenbyshadow: if it said 'anytime' then they'd all be instants. I'm no rule guru and don't pretend to be one but I think you can save spells and cast later, but I'm probobly missing some subtle yet obvious detail
Posted By: BlackAlbino (6/10/2010 9:57:59 PM)


This guy with some vengevine sounds like something fun. While we are in green, how about some summoning trap so fetch out the demon or any of the other fattys we want. Hmmm, starting to sound like a Polymorph deck, only works with out the combo and has 8 copys of the cheat card instead of only 4.
Posted By: wolfbear2 (6/13/2010 6:38:09 PM)



actually you do have to play the exiled cards then and there, and not at any time you want to. if you could, it would say "you may play the exiled cards at any time" in the rule text.

i've had some really great success with this card. only once did i hit and sac for 5 lands and one useless spell...other than that, usually a turn 7 win every time. 5/5

EDIT1: @BlackAlbino

"whenever Hellcarver Demon deals combat damage... Exile etc..."

So when our smirking friend here deals a player damage, you exile the top 6 off your library after ridding your side of any valuable worth albeit Hellcarver.

"You may cast...exiled this way etc..."

This way refers to the then and there, or, whenever it deals damage. It doesn't matter what type of card it plays, so long as it isn't a land card, or in what order they are played. Doesn't matter if it is a creature, sorcery, enchantment, instant, etc. should you choose not to play any number of those cards, kiss th... (see all)
Posted By: takenbyshadow (6/17/2010 10:56:39 PM)


It tested this card in my vampire deck and it worked great

What really works well with it is Bloodghast
once I had four Bloodghast and little old hellcarver and myaponet had 16 heath and five walls

when I attacked he was dealed the six damage all my bloodghaust died and i retrived two incremental blights, one land, a doom blade, anowon: the rune sage, and feast of blood

i wiped all of his creatures of the bord and next turn i killed him with my returned bloodghasts.

all in all this card has worecked out perfectlly in my vampire deck and the other thing is, this card can work in a deck with out it biening a card that is your only way to win

if i could I would give it 125436098 stars but i can only give five
Posted By: ibob (6/28/2010 6:26:47 PM)


Merfolk Looter to go through your deck and put a bunch of stuff in the graveyard with bunches of scry-ish cards (Augury Owl, Sage of Epityr, Halimar Depths). Also have a freshly opened M11 Jace Beleren, and seriously considering putting in some Treasure Hunts.

I also have some fresh Mind Controls and Wall of Frosts to stall while I get all the setup going.

Relic of Progenitus to exile things as you discard them (including Emrakul, the Aeons Torn before his graveyard trigger resolves).
Mirror of Fate to take 7 of said exiled things and replace your library with them.
Dark Ritual to make sure you have enough black to get your Hellcarver out, and get him out early probably.

Best situation is having two mirrors early after getting Hellcar... (see all)
Posted By: TheKeiser (7/26/2010 1:40:07 AM)


use this guy until you can pull out a lord of extinction and xathrid demon with him. at that point theres a fair amount of cards in your graveyard, probably in theirs as well, then use xathrid to sac lord of extinction for 20+ straight damage. I have a lot of fatties like protean hydra, lurgyof, etc. in my GB deck for this reason. Plus you dont need mana when you have him, so getting rid of lands isn't as big of a blow as it comes off as.
Posted By: JudoThai (7/31/2010 9:14:28 AM)


I'm wondering, if I attack with this, and choose not to cast a couple of nonland cards, and then attack again on my next turn, can I cast the cards exiled on the previous turn? They were exiled in the same manner, but I'm not sure it would count on a different instance.
Posted By: Batstewart (8/1/2010 11:27:31 PM)


can someone plese help me out with this:
say i have this guy and 2 hippies out, i swing with all three and no blockers are declared, what happen next? do i get to put the triggers on the stack in the order i choose? (i.e. demon's, hippie 1, hippie 2... then the stack starts to relsove) any help with this would be great, thanks in advance.
Posted By: vomitron6000 (8/20/2010 2:33:01 AM)


I don't play standard, but I run two of this guy in my Demon deck, becuase of my insane high cost high power flyers, this guys easily gets about 3-5 of them from my deck to the field every time, and with my mana acceleration hes a turn 2-4 drop. occasionally ill drop him with a lightning greaves on the field so I get to smack with him right then and there. Though it's easily dealt with, any instant creature management screws him up so he's nowhere near OP, but I love dealing 6 dmg then summoning any variety of grinning demon, Havoc Demon, or Riever Demons on the field.
Posted By: syconaught (8/29/2010 9:29:15 PM)


@BiOhyBr: Wrong - you cast the exiled cards as part of the ability's resolution, meaning you can't just wait and cast them next turn. Refer to the rulings:
"Any cards you can't cast (because they're lands or they have no legal targets, perhaps) or choose not to cast simply remain exiled."

@HairlessThoctar: *rofl*

Definitely a card that needs to be played around. Utility creatures and spells just won't do with this. Someone mentioned Lava Axes and Breath of Malfegors ... I'd like to see a multiplayer deck made from those cards lol.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (9/9/2010 12:46:43 PM)


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