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Turn 1: This
Turn 2: Your pick of infect 2-drops (although Ichorclaw Myr is my favorite to combo with this)
Turn 3: Either equip+2-drop+swing or 3-drop
Turn 4: Tangle Angler
Turn 5: Equip to the Angler

Congrats, you now have G: draw 2 cards. Oh, and whatever else you decided to play. Sure, it's slow, but it's fast enough in limited to completely screw your opponent. And since most of Infect's power is in the 2- and 3-drop range, this card can power out some unbeatable board advantage. Won't see much, if any, constructed play, too situational.
Posted By: ZuesAscendant (11/7/2010 10:41:32 PM)


this card makes bad creatures scary and annoying, its cheap too.

in some circumstances better than skullclamp, but others not, this still makes it brilliant.

i had a thought while playing against this, put this on a prized unicorn. hooray, draw like ten cards...
Posted By: ugotpauld (12/16/2010 9:53:34 AM)


@majinara: This is basically "Equipped creature can't be chump blocked." Don't think of it as a draw spell, think of it as a 'rattlesnake' card that you equip to your attacking Leatherback Baloth or Student of Warfare to put your opponent in a spot.
Posted By: chinkeeyong (1/10/2011 5:40:13 AM)


I'm really surprised people are panning this so much. It's actually fantastic coupled with the right kinds of cards. Sure people say it's an incentive "not to block", but okay, that's good?

Couple it with "damned if you do, damned if you don't" cards. Let's use Warren Instigator. Stick this on him, your opponent is screwed really. He's either letting you get 2 "measly" damage through and drop a goblin, or you're drawing two cards, and in a deck with Warren Instigator, chances are you're drawing some really cheap fast spells to play.

Or infect. You're drawing two cards and perma-damaging a creature, or you're slapping poison counters on someone. Either way, this is a great card if used right. Awful if wrong.

Posted By: Jaz. (1/20/2011 1:24:17 PM)


I like to think of this as a combination of skullclamp and Browbeat. It may sac the creature, and should scale the damage of the browbeat part as the game goes on. Barring lure effects, which would scale the draw effect and allow you more control.

In most cases you are giving your opponent the choice of taking damage or trading creature kills and letting you draw. Not to mention its an equip artifact, which has tons of combos, as well as contributes to metalcraft.

Yes it gives your opponent control (barring combos), but the overall benefit/cost is well worth it and has minimal down side. Not a broken must have, but very playable in a lot of decks.
Posted By: Names_Suck (2/1/2011 1:44:28 PM)


@OakBard: you can only equip your equipments on creatures you control. And equip can only be cast as a sorcery.
Posted By: TongueSlicer (2/18/2011 1:52:59 AM)


it's like skullclamp, but less broken
Posted By: raadface (2/26/2011 8:57:32 PM)


Had a funny situation the other day... Opponent took control of this with Volition Reins, then equipped it on his Darksteel Juggernaut. Next turn I Naturalized the Reins... Never thought that chump blocking could be this fun !
Posted By: Tjolgtjar (3/3/2011 8:51:13 AM)


Only good when equipped to creatures your opponent must block, and even then there are more impressive combos out there. Would be awesome if I could attach to an opponent's creature, but as it is, it is mediocre.
Posted By: SAllison87 (4/23/2011 4:21:13 PM)


Ignore the Esper players, they just haven't faced down a Plated Slagwurm, Terra Stomper, or Shivan Dragon equipped with this baby yet.
Posted By: SeiberTross (4/24/2011 7:58:43 PM)


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