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This guy is underrated in standard right now. Once scars rotates and Return to Ravnica is out, this guy is gonna be huge. Hold on to your copies.
Posted By: krauser-gogetthegirl (5/21/2012 4:11:52 PM)


I'm almost surprised this is not a demon.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (9/18/2012 9:33:54 PM)


A black creature in blue? How rare.

Will ruinate your graveyard. Use with caution.
Posted By: MRK1 (12/21/2012 4:12:10 PM)


with sun titan you need not to remove them buddies.
also how sad for people who pulled this just to see its price tag to be ruinated.
good news for people who can now easily afford it.
Posted By: chainsmoker (1/7/2013 10:34:43 PM)


At only 3 CMC, this abomination is absolutely terrifying.
Posted By: Arachnos (2/13/2013 8:27:49 PM)


@jbump75: Yes. Abilities have nothing to do with additional costs.

@Xineombine: I remember seeing an opponent sac Viridian Emissary to get the Ruinator. I didn't win that match.
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (4/26/2013 10:22:24 AM)


This is one of the most fascinating Skaabs I've ever come across.
I constructed a mono-blue deck just for this creature. The direction of the deck itself is fairly linear but to take full advantage of Skaab Ruinator you more or less need to sacrifice some facets that would normally be present in any given blue deck. Either way, it's very interesting stuff to work with!

He definitely packs some serious refreshment for blue in general.

Really awesome art. Wicked concept as well.

Love it. Live it.
Posted By: Dragonshoredreamz (5/9/2013 7:57:23 PM)


The last ability turns this already powerful card into an absolute monster. Mill yourself indiscriminately and you can easily get this guy out to wreck face. And if they burn or destroy him, just cast him again. Run a few sac engines and you possibly could protect him from almost anything your opponents could throw at him.

In a dedicated self-mill deck this functions similarly to Ghoultree in that it doesn't die like Splinterfright when your graveyard is exiled. It does shrink Splinterfright by 3 but you're bringing 5 power with flying into the equation...
Posted By: zzxyyzx (5/15/2013 10:06:12 PM)


Very cool as a finisher in decks with a lot of evoke creatures.

You're already swapping spells for creature spells and keeping their effects. Getting a second use out of them is grand! See Mulldrifter and AEthersnipe (and ghostly flicker!) for great ways to exploit this guy and them.

Further, looting effects (prominent in blue) turn him into card advantage.
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/18/2013 12:05:51 PM)


Misthollow Griffin?
Posted By: Callahan09 (11/22/2013 7:08:35 AM)