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A wild Reanimator Deck appears!
White Weenie cast Rest in Peace on Reanimator deck.
It's super effective!
Reanimator deck fainted!
Posted By: shotoku64 (12/26/2012 3:32:25 PM)


ruins my chainer edh deck.
Posted By: raptorman333 (1/25/2013 10:44:01 AM)


Fun fact: Terese Nielsen also illustrated the similar card Honor the Fallen, which appeared in Mercadian Masques.
Posted By: crimson_sunrise (2/7/2013 3:50:01 PM)


This card is just insane. As a 2 drop that literally wipes the graveyard and continues to, this shuts down plenty of cards/decks for such a measly cost that its hard to overlook this.

Also, it makes Tarmogoyf cry.
Posted By: Sneetches (10/19/2013 7:05:01 PM)


Oh damn! Until right now I thought that the second clause on this card was the Oblivion Ring style clause that put the cards back in the graveyard. I've been thinking that cards that go to graveyards AFTER this has been cast just get shoved there. Luckily I've never played against it...
Posted By: MCcreator (10/30/2013 2:31:37 AM)


Nice. This is why Magic is a game of rock paper scissors.

Oh, I see you are playing dredge. I raise a Rest in Peace.

Sideboard cards should PUNISH plays, not completely disable decks from being playable...

Posted By: DmitryM (4/24/2014 7:35:36 AM)


While My Lord of Extinction Gently Weeps
Posted By: Totema (5/25/2014 3:31:01 AM)


Wizards, out of everything you ever printed, is in my opinion, your biggest mistake. Why? Because you should know better than this by now. Graveyard is an old and beloved strategy, and while I understand that it needs answers, you made a card that A: Axes the existing graveyards (an entire zone of the game, for 2 mana) B: prevents all further use of the graveyard untill it is removed. C: Bypasses most of the strategies to protect graveyards. (such as leyline of sanctity ) D: cannot be removed by the color that relies on graveyards the most (hating on mono colored decks) A big mistake and one of the most un-fun cards you can put into your EDH decks.

Yes Leyline of the void Is extremely powerful, but this is devestating.

Because im not a pessimist, I will name one fun use for rest in peace with : Misthollow Griffin You have an infinitely re-castable creature.
Posted By: Fendorian (6/9/2014 9:40:16 AM)