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"Did I ever tell you what the definition of 'insanity' is?"
Posted By: Continue (3/3/2014 6:47:55 PM)


I gave him a 4/5. For those wondering why he’s rated less than a 4? It’s called Abrupt Decay, people, and it can happen to planeswalkers as well…
Posted By: Kodanshi (3/6/2014 9:58:43 AM)


Really good in big zoo! It has a home in modern!
Posted By: Unsung31 (3/15/2014 12:10:12 AM)


I can see this being a thing in Naya Aura decks.
Think about it, if you're doing well with that strategy, you have a big creature on the field, so the -2 is pretty much repeatable removal in Naya, which doesn't happen.
His -8 is ridiculous, because as soon as you have a hexproof guy and you can make him big, it's GG from there. Adding in double strike and trample is just icing on the cake.
And as always, the +1 is card advantage for days, which I will never turn down.
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (4/11/2014 2:20:43 PM)


A Gruul planeswalker is more than I would have dared asked from Wizards, but here he is, in all of his rebellious glory. The fact that he synergizes surprisingly well with his predecessor Sarkhan Vol makes him that much sweeter for me, and both have found their place in my flagship deck.
Posted By: TheWallinator74 (4/27/2014 11:14:50 PM)


Good? Yes. Broken? No. Neolithic punk vibe? Apparently... Neat for a Gruul bloodrush deck. Play him before Ruric Thar and coast to stompy victory. Creatures are the best. 5/5
Posted By: Pongdok (5/3/2014 6:35:33 PM)


+1 Card Advantage
-2 Removal
-7 Win Condition

Starting loyalty 3.

Yeah this card was pushed really hard.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (5/15/2014 11:54:30 PM)


+1: Conditional card advantage (requiring restricted deck construction in order to be good)
-2: Conditional removal (requiring you to have a creature in play that is stronger than the one you want to kill)
-7: Who the hell cares because if you let any other planeswalker sit around for 5 turns, you probably lost to them as well.

This card is actually well balanced in my opinion. Lots of power, but not by just being there. It needs lots of support in deck construction and on the battlefield.
Posted By: SAUS3 (5/27/2014 2:11:39 PM)


In Modern, Domri here has excellent synergy with Sarkhan Vol. Just examine how their abilities combine:

+1: I drew this creature card, and I cast it, and now it's +1/+1 stronger and is swinging at you.
-2: Here, let me see your creature. Now it's fighting its buddy. Now they're both dead.
Posted By: Manite (5/28/2014 4:33:03 PM)