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I'm really glad this exists. One of my favourite cards ever.
Posted By: OstravaBoletaria (1/3/2014 3:26:14 PM)



A few people have said already that does not work because it will be put into the graveyard as a state-based action immediately upon entering the battlefield because it has 0 toughness. You need to have a static toughness-boosting effect like Gaea's Anthem or Collective Blessing.
Posted By: TheShadow344 (1/10/2014 1:15:48 PM)


Actually, most animals abondon their young after they are born.
Posted By: BagOfBags (1/19/2014 10:20:26 AM)


Dies to itself.

Cool card, but i doubt it's often worth it.
Posted By: talcumpowder0046 (4/19/2014 5:45:00 AM)


So... ...

.. Has anyone ever thought about using this in Modern with Varolz, the Scar-Striped? I think I might have the makings of an INSANE Dredge-y Jund deck with this, Varolz, Vexing Devil, and Death's Shadow!

Matter of fact, why not include Life From the Loam, Seismic Assault, and Tarmogoyf? I think I'm on to something here...
Posted By: mattrva77 (5/17/2014 11:49:17 AM)