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The best combos have already been covered, but here's one more:
Touch of the Eternal

And some more cards that make you lose life:
Infernal Contract
Reckless Spite
Rain of Daggers
Phyrexian Etchings
Shauku, Endbringer
Wretched Anurid
Soulcage Fiend
Howling Banshee
Orzhov Guildmage
Spiteflame Witch
Forsaken Wastes
Havoc Festival
Phyrexian Tribute
Isolation Cell
Poisonbelly Ogre
Seizan, Perveter of Truth
Maralen of the Mornsong
Dark Confidant
autoc... (see all)
Posted By: HuntingDrake (11/8/2012 3:26:27 AM)


This card is the linchpin of my favorite Casual deck. It uses Dark tutelage and Phyrexian Arena to Dig for this card (and a Delaying Shield if I'm feeling mean), and then when i'm at 5 or less, I drop a couple Gather the Townsfolk, with Thraben Doomsayers and Death's Shadows.
Posted By: ComboGod (12/6/2012 12:45:41 PM)


If you're at 1 life and get attacked by a 2/2 and a 3/3 creature at the same time, what happens?
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/1/2013 4:53:44 PM)


@sonorhC: You say 'in most circumstances' it's functionally identical to Delusions of Mediocrity, but there are two important differences even without any poison counter-based shenanigans: First, you can't be killed by Drain Life-type effects, and second as other people have pointed out if you take a bunch of damage simultaneously to push you below 0 life it doesn't spill over into poison. So for instance, if I'm at 1 life and my opponent has the creatures to swing for 11 damage casting this would buy me an extra turn but Delusions wouldn't.
Posted By: Sasooli (4/2/2013 4:19:17 AM)



Both creatures deal damage at the same time, ie, you drop down to -4 life.
If one has first strike, the other deals damage as poison counters- you're at negative life when it deals damage to you. If one has double strike, you take normal from the first strike and infect from the second strike, again when you're at negative life.

This is the centerpiece of my "what's a life-total?" deck. Lose life however you can with this out, then Soul Conduit, Death's Shadow or Repay in Kind, and wonder why nobody else can survive like you, even if you do cry oil.
Posted By: SolomonRedfang (5/14/2013 2:42:41 PM)


Obligatory Melira, Sylvok Outcast comment.

Makes Fateful Hour slightly less useless.

also that art is scary as Hell.
Posted By: Kaleidostorm (6/7/2013 5:13:10 PM)


Add Soul Conduit for instakill.

I don't know why nobody hasn't mentioned Ad Nauseum + Requilary Tower

It's the best card you can throw in a deck like this.

I have that in my deck along with the old Maralen of the Mornsong + Mindlock Orb combo which effectively locks the game
Posted By: tropunlim (8/15/2013 10:18:09 AM)


Reverse the Sands in multiplayer.

"Who gets the negative life total? Whooooo gets the negative life total?
Posted By: NARFNra (9/5/2013 3:12:01 PM)


@NARFNra :: you cannot give someone a negative life total with Reverse the Sands. The minimum you can give them is 1 life. You want to use something more like Mirror Universe if you want to give them a life total of 0 or less life.
Posted By: Guest1162619373 (9/16/2013 8:18:39 PM)


So if you have Death's Shadow out with this and your life total is less than 0, say, -3, does he get +3/+3, instead of -X/-X?
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (11/21/2013 2:55:42 PM)


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