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Goblin Fireslinger pings for one, Quicksilver amulet taps, Furyborn Hellkite proceeds to wreck face. any questions?
Posted By: Averyck (5/18/2012 9:14:36 AM)


Wow. I simply must have this card. With my Scepter of Empires, it is high likely that I will be able to summon this creature with 12/12 every time.
Posted By: Jakokami (6/26/2012 12:19:45 AM)


Why oh why didn't they reprint this, this had so much more with the new Rakdos, Lord of Riots
Posted By: Kesth (10/7/2012 7:53:27 AM)


This card is only good if it has some sort or protection. Having a creature for seven mana, that can only be in a red deck, that has no sort of protection is very dicey.
Posted By: wholelottalove (10/24/2012 5:49:08 AM)


Turn 1: Mountain, Goblin Arsonist
Turn 2: Infernal Plunge, Seething Song, Geosurge, Furyborn Hellkite.
Turn 3: Smash Face.
Posted By: C1455 (12/24/2012 9:59:58 AM)


this card is seriously better than volcanic dragon
Posted By: battleofwits (1/3/2013 8:10:36 AM)


you have 4RedRedRedRed you spend Red for thunder (3 damage) then spend the rest for the dragon and you get a 12/12 flying!
Posted By: TheDragonPlainswalkr (4/13/2013 8:22:20 AM)


Furyborn Hellkite + Kalonian Hydra = I need more counters
Posted By: Eindacor_DS (10/30/2013 11:10:56 AM)


People often say that terra stomper is worthless as a card due to "high mana cost" (in green?) and that it is way too easy to remove.

And I kinda feel the same way about this one. I love dragons, and ever since I started to play magic, I have wanted to create a functional dragon deck. This guy, however, has never seen any real play for me; I own four of them and none of them in a deck. Why? Cause each time it hit the field there was a doom blade, plummit, oblivion ring or counterspell waiting. I think I've attacked with this one maybe 2 - 3 times ever. The rest of the time he's been in my library, hand or graveyard. And compared to the Stomper he has no protection.

Still love him... Perhaps in a Naya-deck with spellbreaker behemoth and asceticism and perhaps also scout's warning.
Posted By: MortisAngelus (2/13/2014 3:26:43 AM)


♫'Cause this is Thriller~, Thriller night,♫
♫And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike.♫
♫You know it's Thriller~, Thriller night,♫
♫You're fighting for your life inside a killer, Thriller, tonight~!♫
Posted By: NinStarRune (3/24/2014 8:58:56 AM)