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I use Krenko with Empty the Warrens, Krenko's Command, and, Goblin Cheftain. I need critiques. Please?
Posted By: gatherer132 (7/31/2013 2:14:08 PM)


Ridiculously powerful. My goblin deck can kill someone in EDH on my fourth turn, then kill two more people on my fifth turn, largely due to this guy right here. Dealing over 120 points of damage by your fifth turn is ridiculous, and it's all mono-red, and only using one legendary. He's powerful.
Posted By: ValdrAlfykyn12 (9/29/2013 6:42:43 PM)


all iv ever needed in my edh deck are these three cards mob boss, creature/Skirk Prospector, mana/ and Umbral Mantle, repeat. the rest of the deck is full of sac and ping or just over run all
Posted By: rocknut144 (10/15/2013 4:18:25 AM)


I love the idea of this card, but I sure wish there weren't so many ways to go infinite with him. Combo is fine in duels, but I'm sick of having nice multiplayer EDH games suddenly end in an infinite loop.

Staring down an army of thirty goblins is epic and tense. Everybody instantaneously dying in the same turn from 1,000,000 triggers of Warstorm Surge is disappointing, especially after spending half an hour developing our board positions.
Posted By: MisterAction (11/12/2013 1:18:58 PM)


Combos with Moonveil Dragon and Battle Hymn
Posted By: Jimmydactyl (6/4/2014 10:00:51 PM)