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Man 1: Stuffy Doll! Beat them phyrexians up!
Man 2:"Well, this is certainly cool. The only problem is... Phyrexians have infect"
Man 3:"The phyrexians are long gone, we're in a new block now."
Man 1: "I don't care, he's mine! ALL MINE!! MWHAHAHAHA!!"
Me: "WAIT! Grafted Exoskeleton"
All: (poker face)
Posted By: KaloTabano (1/2/2014 5:24:22 PM)



An attacking creature without trample will deal damage equal to its power to the blocking creature if it is the sole blocker. You can only choose how much damage to deal in case the opponent use more than 1 creature to block (but full damage must still be assigned to the creatures blocking it).

So, if you use this to block a creature without trample, it will receive damage equal to the attacking creature's power. So basically this will cause your opponent to hit himself.

If the attacking creature has trample, the attacker can assign lethal damage to this creature (1 if its toughness isn't boosted) and all the remaining damage on you. If your doll has received lethal damage before combat happens (even when it doesn't leaves play because of an ability), the attacking creature with trample can assign 0 damage on it and all damage on you, practically making your blocking attempt fruitless.

Moreover, if your doll has 2 damage on it (done eariler this turn), and you p... (see all)
Posted By: non1337 (4/11/2014 7:05:17 AM)