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I love that a fully leveled Lighthouse Chronologist ensures you miss no turns, basically putting a extra turn in your back pocket.

I absolutely love this card, and if you get it out early with no support, the chance of devastation second turn is minimal.
Posted By: TheInfinitePet (8/22/2012 8:07:21 AM)


Take infinite turns and lose infinite friends with Vorel of the Hull Clade.
Posted By: UncleJulio (4/4/2014 11:56:32 PM)


Looks good with Bazaar Trader.
Posted By: kitsunewarlock (2/7/2010 6:58:36 PM)


So, it seems Rings of Brighthearth is only way to go to having real benefit to this card... maybe storing an early turn for a late turn might be useful, but then again since you returned a land and missed a land drop that'll really stunt your mana development.

Really, the only way to live the Time Vault dream is with a Giant Fan. But only a villain would unleash such a combo, after all.
Posted By: Tanaka348 (2/14/2010 7:05:14 PM)


Have doubling season & Garruk Wildspeaker
Tap island, tap waterveil, 2 counters, skip next turn.. or not!
Garruk untaps waterveil, tap waterveil, remove a counter, you get a turn (which you skip)..." Free" turn!
Combine with twitch for your free turn this turn, possibly rinse and repeat.
Posted By: personjerry (3/2/2010 7:24:30 PM)


How about this, a UB control: Magosi + time warp + sorin markov
turn a: discharge magosi and put sorin markov, use first ability to be 6
turn b: use time warp, sorin markov use first ability to be 8
turn c: sorin markov use thrid ability
turn d: control player
trun e: your turn again!!

Also agree Grimn777 that it's great for control/defense deck
For the opp turn:
something you have to respond => respond
nothing to respond => charge magosi
Posted By: ww_boy6 (3/21/2010 7:08:43 PM)


@iondragonx The card ruling for this card says that if you do that, they negate each other, so...that's kindof just a waste of time :/
Posted By: Telltalereaper (10/23/2010 2:49:04 AM)


card is too locked down there's like 2 ways to give you an actual advantage. Rings of Brighthearth for instance
Posted By: thaviel (11/11/2010 12:50:18 AM)


And if they manage to dismantle your combo you've still got a bunch of extra turns stored up to with which to beat their face in.
I guess the only other combo that works is donate + mindslaver?
Is there a card that gives away control of a permanent just until end of turn?
Posted By: TPmanW (3/19/2011 11:00:56 PM)


I am so glad you have to return it to your hand, otherwise proliferation would show its ugly head again in old(ish) cards, like Djinn of Wishes
Posted By: drebhan (4/23/2011 4:26:41 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!