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@ Myrs,
If you put the contact lenses ability on the stack as many times as needed, then responded to the last one with this it would work.
Posted By: NissasChosen (10/23/2013 12:31:54 AM)


Is this the face of a goblin who would lie to you?
Posted By: MizziumSculptor444 (10/24/2013 9:02:12 AM)


Wait, the potion makes you invisible or the potion itself is invisible? Tricky little dood.
Posted By: HighTide (12/2/2013 6:05:55 PM)


Couldnt you cast artifact possession on the contact lenses, activate the contact lenses 20 times, putting 40 damage to you and 20 taps/untaps on the stack, then donate, then let the 20 taps/untaps resolve, dealing 40 damage to your opponent and winning right before you would take 40 damage?

The only thing I'm not sure about here is if you can activate the ability 20 times and order the stack such that all the taps/untaps resolve before the artifact possession triggers from activating an ability without tap in the cost.
Posted By: jonrds (2/10/2014 11:42:39 AM)


This gets 5/5 from me because
1. In a group game with friends, it shines bright (steal a creature and then give it to a friend to stay alive that extra turn, give that one extra mana to your friend so that they can counter a spell for you, give back that Akroan Horse, etc) and always keeps the game entertaining.
2. Every time I think about this card, there's always new ideas to make it interesting. Few cards in Magic keep me thinking of ways to build decks around it, and this is surely one of them.
I don't know what WotC was thinking of when they made this card, but I'm glad that they didn't hold it back.
Posted By: dabrhe (2/16/2014 1:47:32 AM)


For those who enjoy janky combos:

It That Betrays + Bazaar Trader + Thornbite Staff + Bronze Bombshell
Posted By: strider24seven (3/24/2014 12:10:53 AM)


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