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This does have a role it fills. Its not a bad sideboard choice, if you see some 1 toughness creatures, well this will kill them.

I feel gut shot has obsoleted this, it fills that role for 2 life. A good tempo and developmental advantage, that can give any color this sideboard choice for a minor drawback.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (4/1/2012 1:46:56 PM)


On the upside, at least Gork can channel all that INFINITE SORROW into a kickass SHIIIINIIING FIIIINGEEEER!!!
Posted By: Tiggurix (5/28/2012 7:59:24 PM)


This card is very irritating. It gives green the ability to deal direct damage to creatures/players. I hate it when they cross-color spells, and this one has definitely done it. Green has never had much of an ability to deal direct damage. However, since it is very inefficient compared to the master of disaster (red), it is *slightly* acceptable. Still, it should not be an instant. This gives green too much of something it shouldn't. I would have much rather it had been a sorcery and did 2 damage to target creature.

Besides, there are far better mono-green removals. Lignify and Mercy killing are good green removals. Now they have Dismember, arguably the best green removal ever, and I hate that more than anything. Green should *NOT* be given the ability to use such powerful removal. For 4 life and 1, green can take out a freakin Phyrexian Obliterator! That's scarier that the oblit... (see all)
Posted By: CorkBulb (7/14/2012 3:40:41 AM)


i actually use this in a R/G bloodthirst deck for the lols. literally won a game casting this for the final 1 point of damage. hilarity ensued.
Posted By: ToAsTy42o (10/7/2012 4:37:11 PM)


Some new guy must have pulled this out of the Planar Chaos file without realizing that set had a broken color pie theme.
Posted By: Moxxy (12/11/2012 8:40:55 PM)


I have very mixed feelings about this card. I don't agree with the fact that it can hit players; yes, it's only 1 damage but the ability to directly damage players with a spell feels like something that should be kept to red.

Historically the only way mono-green has been able to directly damage players is through giant wind-based spells that hit each player as well as all creatures with flying, and a couple overcosted bee-sting spells. Even these feel a little out of place, but back in the day wind was associated with green rather than blue. They also fed into green's flyer hate.

Prey Upon, in my opinion, is the quintessential green removal spell. Green is the color most associated with giant, high-costed creatures, and Prey Upon capitalizes on this. Also, Prey Upon can only be used to remove creatures, leaving the player's creatures to win the game.

Flavor-wise though, I think it makes perfect sense and is also a pretty innovative use of the color pie. ... (see all)
Posted By: tankthebest (6/13/2013 10:14:37 AM)


all profanity aside, red and green are very different. were this a red card, it would suck and never be used.
But, seeing as it's a green card, it can be much more valuable. This and Prey Upon
pretty much make up all green creature removal. However, creature removal is not what green is about. green's domain is fat cratures, mana ramp/accel, and some life gain. Red on the other hand, has a multitude of removal spells. As you mentioned:lightning bolt, shock, Galvanic Blast, etc. However, i challenge you to find an 8/8 in red for 6 mana (besides the practically 4/4 grief tyrant).
My final point: each colour is good at what it does. If you want to be a hater, go beat up on Ember Shot.

Posted By: personsunknown (10/11/2013 12:02:54 AM)


Carnage Wurm's best friend
Posted By: bertuccia32 (10/21/2013 7:04:24 PM)


Put it in a RG deck if you're playing someone who uses Harsh Judgement
Posted By: Croesus (11/1/2013 3:32:17 PM)


"Dear MaRo,
I hate you and want you to be unhappy.
Hornet Sting"
Posted By: Salient (12/11/2013 8:27:32 PM)


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