As much as this guy is pushed and seemingly stupidly broken, he's actually not THAT bad. Creatures are constantly pushing towards powerful ETB effects combined with good P/T or good P/T combined with insane protective abilities like hexproof or protection.

This guy is basically a vanilla beater with no protection. He does nothing when he enters play and has to wait a turn before he does anything. To me, this guy is kind of like power creep for vanilla beaters since they slowly become more and more useless.

With that said, he is still quite busted and I'm surprised they'd print something like this (why not a 3/3? for example).

Anyway, he will be good in my Tajic EDH deck and helps me lower the curve quite a bit. He's got cool art, a cool name, and it always feels good to just beat the crap out of stuff with this guy.