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@ skormeus

Better yet, Revoke Existence.
2 mana: "Exile target permanent".

Alternatively, you could just use Dispatch.
1 mana: "Exile target creature".

So many possibilities, gotta love ol' liquimetal.
Posted By: Myrs (4/29/2013 6:45:06 PM)


Viashino Heretic
Posted By: raptorman333 (7/11/2013 1:50:29 PM)


...so many great combos.
But let me say this...
target a Planeswalker, then use Vorel's ability.
Posted By: NickDay (7/12/2013 5:07:37 PM)


why is there a mirran watermark on a card with phyrexian flavor text?
also, @stratoscythe: you're evil, do you know that?
Posted By: Lord_of_phyrexia (10/20/2013 9:15:52 AM)


This is one of my favorite cards in the entirety of Scars block. It has it's obvious practical uses, such as enabling Shatter, Naturalize and, my favorite, making Scrapdiver Serpent unblockable.

But the dumbest (and greatest) thing I've ever used it for, was turning Chandra, the Firebrand into a non-creature, non-equipment artifact while having Bludgeon Brawl on the field, then equipping her to a Scrapdiver Serpent to swing for the win.

I just imagined the serpent grabbing a very shiney Chandra by the legs with it's mouth, then proceeding to bludgeon the living daylight out of my opponent with her.
Posted By: Gacrux (4/18/2014 4:40:05 PM)


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