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Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa
Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa 3White (4)
Legendary Creature — Dragon Spirit (3/3)



When Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa enters the battlefield, another target permanent gains indestructible for as long as you control Kyodai.

WhiteBlueBlackRedGreen: Kyodai gets +5/+5 until end of turn.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (Rare)
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass 3 (3)

Tap: Add Colorless.

4, Tap: Investigate. <i>(Create a Clue token. It's an artifact with "2, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.")</i>

Jumpstart 2022 (Uncommon)
Nezumi Prowler
Nezumi Prowler 1Black (2)
Artifact Creature — Rat Ninja (3/1)

Ninjutsu 1Black <i>(1Black, Return an unblocked attacker you control to hand: Put this card onto the battlefield from your hand tapped and attacking.)</i>

When Nezumi Prowler enters the battlefield, target creature you control gains deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (Uncommon)
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