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Infuriate Red (1)

Target creature gets +3/+2 until end of turn.

Strixhaven Mystical Archive (Uncommon)
Light the Way
Light the Way White (1)

Choose one —

• Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature or Vehicle. Untap it.

• Return target permanent you control to its owner's hand.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (Common)
Rakish Revelers
Rakish Revelers 2RedGreenWhite (5)
Creature — Elf Druid Rogue (5/3)

When Rakish Revelers enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 green and white Citizen creature token.

2, Exile Rakish Revelers from your hand: Target land gains "Tap: Add Red, Green, or White" until Rakish Revelers is cast from exile. You may cast Rakish Revelers for as long as it remains exiled.

Streets of New Capenna (Common)
Tainted Pact
Tainted Pact 1Black (2)

Exile the top card of your library. You may put that card into your hand unless it has the same name as another card exiled this way. Repeat this process until you put a card into your hand or you exile two cards with the same name, whichever comes first.

Strixhaven Mystical Archive (Mythic Rare)

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