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Cat (0)
Token Creature — — Cat (1/1)


Secret Lair Drop (Common)
Leonin Warleader
Leonin Warleader 2WhiteWhite (4)
Creature — Cat Soldier (4/4)

Whenever Leonin Warleader attacks, create two 1/1 white Cat creature tokens with lifelink that are tapped and attacking.

Secret Lair Drop (Rare)
Lulu, Loyal Hollyphant
Lulu, Loyal Hollyphant 3White (4)
Legendary Creature — Elephant Angel (3/2)


At the beginning of your end step, if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, put a +1/+1 counter on each tapped creature you control, then untap them.

Choose a Background (You can have a Background as a second commander.)

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate (Uncommon)
Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace 1White (2)

When Rest in Peace enters the battlefield, exile all graveyards.

If a card or token would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

Secret Lair Drop (Rare)
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