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Bat Whisperer
Bat Whisperer 3Black (4)
Creature — Vampire (4/2)

When Bat Whisperer enters the battlefield, if an opponent lost life this turn, create a 1/1 black Bat creature token with flying.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (Common)
Drider 4Black (5)
Creature — Elf Spider (4/3)


Whenever Drider deals combat damage to a player, create a 2/1 black Spider creature token with menace and reach.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (Uncommon)
Marshland Bloodcaster
Marshland Bloodcaster 4Black (5)
Creature — Vampire Warlock (3/5)


1Black, Tap: Rather than pay the mana cost of the next spell you cast this turn, you may pay life equal to that spell's mana value.

Commander 2021 (Rare)

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