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Ballroom Brawlers
Ballroom Brawlers 3WhiteWhite (5)
Creature — Human Warrior (3/5)

Whenever Ballroom Brawlers attacks, Ballroom Brawlers and up to one other target creature you control both gain your choice of first strike or lifelink until end of turn.

Streets of New Capenna (Uncommon)
Biting Rain
Biting Rain 2BlackBlack (4)

All creatures get -2/-2 until end of turn.

Madness 2Black (If you discard this card, discard it into exile. When you do, cast it for its madness cost or put it into your graveyard.)

Shadows over Innistrad (Uncommon)
Brittle Blast
Brittle Blast 2Red (3)

Creatures and planeswalkers your opponents control perpetually gain "If this permanent would die, exile it instead." Brittle Blast deals 5 damage to target creature or planeswalker.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Alchemy (Uncommon)
Builder's Blessing
Builder's Blessing 3White (4)

Untapped creatures you control get +0/+2.

Avacyn Restored (Uncommon)
Burden of Guilt
Burden of Guilt White (1)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

1: Tap enchanted creature.

Dark Ascension (Common)
Censor 1Blue (2)

Counter target spell unless its controller pays 1.

Cycling Blue (Blue, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

Amonkhet Remastered (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Amonkhet (Uncommon)
Chaplain's Blessing
Chaplain's Blessing White (1)

You gain 5 life.

Shadows over Innistrad (Common)
Chariot of Victory
Chariot of Victory 3 (3)
Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature has first strike, trample, and haste.

Equip 1

Journey into Nyx (Uncommon)
Choking Restraints
Choking Restraints 2White (3)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block.

3WhiteWhite, Sacrifice Choking Restraints: Exile enchanted creature.

Eldritch Moon (Common)
Chronicler of Heroes
Chronicler of Heroes 1GreenWhite (3)
Creature — Centaur Wizard (3/3)

When Chronicler of Heroes enters the battlefield, draw a card if you control a creature with a +1/+1 counter on it.

Iconic Masters (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Theros (Uncommon)
Consecrated by Blood
Consecrated by Blood 2BlackBlack (4)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has flying and "Sacrifice two other creatures: Regenerate this creature." (The next time the creature would be destroyed this turn, it isn't. Instead tap it, remove all damage from it, and remove it from combat.)

Magic Origins (Uncommon)
Containment Priest
Containment Priest 1White (2)
Creature — Human Cleric (2/2)


If a nontoken creature would enter the battlefield and it wasn't cast, exile it instead.

Time Spiral Remastered (Bonus)
Other Versions
Commander 2014 (Rare)
Ultimate Masters (Rare)
Core Set 2021 (Rare)
Conviction 1White (2)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+3.

White: Return Conviction to its owner's hand.

Kaladesh Remastered (Common)
Other Versions
Aether Revolt (Common)
Ultimate Masters (Common)
Covert Cutpurse
Covert Cutpurse 2Black (3)
Creature — Human Rogue (2/1)

When Covert Cutpurse enters the battlefield, destroy target creature you don't control that was dealt damage this turn.

Disturb 4Black (You may cast this card from your graveyard transformed for its disturb cost.)

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (Uncommon)
Covetous Geist
Covetous Geist (0)
Creature — Spirit Rogue (2/2)

Flying, deathtouch

If Covetous Geist would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (Uncommon)
Depths of Desire
Depths of Desire 2Blue (3)

Return target creature to its owner's hand. Create a Treasure token. (It's an artifact with "Tap, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.")

Ixalan (Common)
Desperate Ravings
Desperate Ravings 1Red (2)

Draw two cards, then discard a card at random.

Flashback 2Blue (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Commander 2019 (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Innistrad (Uncommon)
Commander 2015 (Uncommon)
Eternal Masters (Common)
Discordant Piper
Discordant Piper 1Black (2)
Creature — Zombie Satyr (2/1)

When Discordant Piper dies, create a 0/1 white Goat creature token.

Theros Beyond Death (Common)
Drown in the Loch
Drown in the Loch BlueBlack (2)

Choose one —

• Counter target spell with mana value less than or equal to the number of cards in its controller's graveyard.

• Destroy target creature with mana value less than or equal to the number of cards in its controller's graveyard.

Throne of Eldraine (Uncommon)
Duelcraft Trainer
Duelcraft Trainer 3White (4)
Creature — Human Soldier (3/3)

First strike

Coven — At the beginning of combat on your turn, if you control three or more creatures with different powers, target creature you control gains double strike until end of turn.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (Uncommon)
Feeling of Dread
Feeling of Dread 1White (2)

Tap up to two target creatures.

Flashback 1Blue (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Innistrad (Common)
Firebrand Archer
Firebrand Archer 1Red (2)
Creature — Human Archer (2/1)

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, Firebrand Archer deals 1 damage to each opponent.

Amonkhet Remastered (Common)
Other Versions
Hour of Devastation (Common)
Funeral Rites
Funeral Rites 2Black (3)

You draw two cards, lose 2 life, then mill two cards.

Jumpstart (Common)
Other Versions
Theros Beyond Death (Common)
Graceful Cat
Graceful Cat 2White (3)
Creature — Cat (2/2)

Whenever Graceful Cat attacks, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

Amonkhet (Common)
Gruesome Discovery
Gruesome Discovery 2BlackBlack (4)

Target player discards two cards.

Morbid — If a creature died this turn, instead that player reveals their hand, you choose two cards from it, then that player discards those cards.

Dark Ascension (Common)
Hierophant's Chalice
Hierophant's Chalice 3 (3)

When Hierophant's Chalice enters the battlefield, target opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

Tap: Add Colorless.

Ixalan (Common)
Illuminator Virtuoso
Illuminator Virtuoso 1White (2)
Creature — Human Rogue (1/1)

Double strike

Whenever Illuminator Virtuoso becomes the target of a spell you control, it connives. (Draw a card, then discard a card. If you discarded a nonland card, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

Streets of New Capenna (Uncommon)
Incited Rabble
Incited Rabble (0)
Creature — Human (2/3)

Incited Rabble attacks each combat if able.

2: Incited Rabble gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

Shadows over Innistrad (Uncommon)
Ironwright's Cleansing
Ironwright's Cleansing 2White (3)

Exile target artifact or enchantment.

Eldritch Moon (Common)
Kessig Malcontents
Kessig Malcontents 2Red (3)
Creature — Human Warrior (3/1)

When Kessig Malcontents enters the battlefield, it deals damage to target player or planeswalker equal to the number of Humans you control.

Avacyn Restored (Uncommon)
Legion Vanguard
Legion Vanguard 1Black (2)
Creature — Vampire Soldier (2/2)

1, Sacrifice another creature: Legion Vanguard explores. (Reveal the top card of your library. Put that card into your hand if it's a land. Otherwise, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature, then put the card back or put it into your graveyard.)

Modern Horizons 2 (Uncommon)
Lingering Souls
Lingering Souls 2White (3)

Create two 1/1 white Spirit creature tokens with flying.

Flashback 1Black (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Time Spiral Remastered (Bonus)
Other Versions
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt (Uncommon)
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (Uncommon)
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover 2 (2)

Whenever you cast an Adventure instant or sorcery spell, copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy.

Throne of Eldraine (Uncommon)
Magister of Worth
Magister of Worth 4WhiteBlack (6)
Creature — Angel (4/4)


Will of the council — When Magister of Worth enters the battlefield, starting with you, each player votes for grace or condemnation. If grace gets more votes, each player returns each creature card from their graveyard to the battlefield. If condemnation gets more votes or the vote is tied, destroy all creatures other than Magister of Worth.

Commander 2021 (Rare)
Other Versions
Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy (Rare)
Vintage Masters (Rare)
Magus of the Mind
Magus of the Mind 4BlueBlue (6)
Creature — Human Wizard (4/5)

Blue, Tap, Sacrifice Magus of the Mind: Shuffle your library, then exile the top X cards, where X is one plus the number of spells cast this turn. Until end of turn, you may play lands and cast spells from among cards exiled this way without paying their mana costs.

Commander 2017 (Rare)
Master of Death
Master of Death 1BlueBlack (3)
Creature — Zombie Wizard (3/1)

When Master of Death enters the battlefield, surveil 2.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if Master of Death is in your graveyard, you may pay 1 life. If you do, return it to your hand.

Modern Horizons 2 (Rare)
Nightshade Peddler
Nightshade Peddler 1Green (2)
Creature — Human Druid (1/1)

Soulbond (You may pair this creature with another unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired for as long as you control both of them.)

As long as Nightshade Peddler is paired with another creature, both creatures have deathtouch.

Avacyn Restored (Common)
Obsessive Skinner
Obsessive Skinner 1Green (2)
Creature — Human Rogue (1/1)

When Obsessive Skinner enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.

Delirium — At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, if there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.

Shadows over Innistrad (Uncommon)
Ophiomancer 2Black (3)
Creature — Human Shaman (2/2)

At the beginning of each upkeep, if you control no Snakes, create a 1/1 black Snake creature token with deathtouch.

Commander 2013 Edition (Rare)
Paragon of New Dawns
Paragon of New Dawns 3White (4)
Creature — Human Soldier (2/2)

Other white creatures you control get +1/+1.

White, Tap: Another target white creature you control gains vigilance until end of turn. (Attacking doesn't cause it to tap.)

Magic 2015 Core Set (Uncommon)
Pheres-Band Brawler
Pheres-Band Brawler 4GreenGreen (6)
Creature — Centaur Warrior (4/4)

When Pheres-Band Brawler enters the battlefield, it fights up to one target creature you don't control. (Each deals damage equal to its power to the other.)

Theros Beyond Death (Uncommon)
Pirate's Cutlass
Pirate's Cutlass 3 (3)
Artifact — Equipment

When Pirate's Cutlass enters the battlefield, attach it to target Pirate you control.

Equipped creature gets +2/+1.

Equip 2 (2: Attach to target creature you control. Equip only as a sorcery.)

Commander Legends (Common)
Other Versions
Ixalan (Common)
Jumpstart (Common)
Portable Hole
Portable Hole White (1)

When Portable Hole enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls with mana value 2 or less until Portable Hole leaves the battlefield.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (Uncommon)
Possessed Skaab
Possessed Skaab 3BlueBlack (5)
Creature — Zombie (3/2)

When Possessed Skaab enters the battlefield, return target instant, sorcery, or creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

If Possessed Skaab would die, exile it instead.

Magic Origins (Uncommon)
Prismatic Ending
Prismatic Ending Variable ColorlessWhite (1)

Converge — Exile target nonland permanent if its mana value is less than or equal to the number of colors of mana spent to cast this spell.

Modern Horizons 2 (Uncommon)
Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage
Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage 2WhiteBlue (4)
Legendary Creature — Human Wizard (3/3)



You may cast historic spells as though they had flash. (Artifacts, legendaries, and Sagas are historic.)

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Dominaria (Uncommon)
Raffine's Informant
Raffine's Informant 1White (2)
Creature — Human Wizard (2/1)

When Raffine's Informant enters the battlefield, it connives. (Draw a card, then discard a card. If you discarded a nonland card, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

Streets of New Capenna (Common)
Rallying Roar
Rallying Roar 2White (3)

Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn. Untap them.

Ixalan (Uncommon)
Renegade Firebrand
Renegade Firebrand 2Red (3)
Creature — Human Warrior (3/2)

As long as you control a Chandra planeswalker, Renegade Firebrand gets +1/+0 and has first strike. (It deals combat damage before creatures without first strike.)

Kaladesh (Uncommon)
Rooftop Storm
Rooftop Storm 5Blue (6)

You may pay 0 rather than pay the mana cost for Zombie creature spells you cast.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander (Rare)
Other Versions
Innistrad (Rare)
Rouse the Mob
Rouse the Mob Red (1)

Strive — This spell costs 2Red more to cast for each target beyond the first.

Any number of target creatures each get +2/+0 and gain trample until end of turn.

Journey into Nyx (Common)
Sage of Mysteries
Sage of Mysteries Blue (1)
Creature — Human Wizard (0/2)

Constellation — Whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, target player mills two cards.

Theros Beyond Death (Uncommon)
Satyr Rambler
Satyr Rambler 1Red (2)
Creature — Satyr (2/1)


Theros (Common)
Sedge Scorpion
Sedge Scorpion Green (1)
Creature — Scorpion (1/1)

Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

Core Set 2020 (Common)
Other Versions
Theros (Common)
Sigiled Sword of Valeron
Sigiled Sword of Valeron 3 (3)
Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +2/+0, has vigilance, and is a Knight in addition to its other types.

Whenever equipped creature attacks, create a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance that's attacking.

Equip 3

Core Set 2019 (Rare)
Sinister Reflections
Sinister Reflections BlueBlue (2)

Conjure a duplicate of each of up to two target nontoken creatures you control into your hand.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Alchemy (Rare)
Somberwald Vigilante
Somberwald Vigilante Red (1)
Creature — Human Warrior (1/1)

Whenever Somberwald Vigilante becomes blocked by a creature, Somberwald Vigilante deals 1 damage to that creature.

Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters (Common)
Other Versions
Avacyn Restored (Common)
Spiteful Shadows
Spiteful Shadows 1Black (2)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature is dealt damage, it deals that much damage to its controller.

Dark Ascension (Common)
Stranglehold 3Red (4)

Your opponents can't search libraries.

If an opponent would begin an extra turn, that player skips that turn instead.

Commander Anthology (Rare)
Other Versions
Magic: The Gathering-Commander (Rare)
Strength of Arms
Strength of Arms White (1)

Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. If you control an Equipment, create a 1/1 white Human Soldier creature token.

Double Masters (Common)
Other Versions
Shadows over Innistrad (Common)
Tenacious Dead
Tenacious Dead Black (1)
Creature — Skeleton Warrior (1/1)

When Tenacious Dead dies, you may pay 1Black. If you do, return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control.

Battlebond (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Magic 2014 Core Set (Uncommon)
Thraben Doomsayer
Thraben Doomsayer 1WhiteWhite (3)
Creature — Human Cleric (2/2)

Tap: Create a 1/1 white Human creature token.

Fateful hour — As long as you have 5 or less life, other creatures you control get +2/+2.

Ikoria Commander (Rare)
Other Versions
Dark Ascension (Rare)
Town Gossipmonger
Town Gossipmonger White (1)
Creature — Human (1/1)

Tap, Tap an untapped creature you control: Transform Town Gossipmonger.

Shadows over Innistrad (Uncommon)
Trusty Packbeast
Trusty Packbeast 2White (3)
Creature — Beast (2/3)

When Trusty Packbeast enters the battlefield, return target artifact card from your graveyard to your hand.

Commander Legends (Common)
Other Versions
Core Set 2019 (Common)
Unsettled Mariner
Unsettled Mariner WhiteBlue (2)
Creature — Shapeshifter (2/2)

Changeling (This card is every creature type.)

Whenever you or a permanent you control becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter that spell or ability unless its controller pays 1.

Modern Horizons (Rare)
Viscera Seer
Viscera Seer Black (1)
Creature — Vampire Wizard (1/1)

Sacrifice a creature: Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

Commander Legends (Common)
Other Versions
Magic 2011 (Common)
Commander 2013 Edition (Common)
Wall of Vines
Wall of Vines Green (1)
Creature — Plant Wall (0/3)

Defender (This creature can't attack.)

Reach (This creature can block creatures with flying.)

Jumpstart (Common)
Other Versions
Magic 2011 (Common)
Core Set 2019 (Common)
Weaver of Lightning
Weaver of Lightning 2Red (3)
Creature — Human Shaman (1/4)


Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Weaver of Lightning deals 1 damage to target creature an opponent controls.

Jumpstart (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Eldritch Moon (Uncommon)

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