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Imperial Seal
Imperial Seal Black (1)

Search your library for a card, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it. You lose 2 life.

Masters Edition II (Rare)
Other Versions
Portal Three Kingdoms (Rare)
Pang Tong, "Young Phoenix"
Pang Tong, "Young Phoenix" 1WhiteWhite (3)
Legendary Creature — Human Advisor (1/2)

Tap: Target creature gets +0/+2 until end of turn. Activate this ability only during your turn, before attackers are declared.

Portal Three Kingdoms (Rare)
Poison Arrow
Poison Arrow 4BlackBlack (6)

Destroy target nonblack creature. You gain 3 life.

Portal Three Kingdoms (Uncommon)
Stronghold Discipline
Stronghold Discipline 2BlackBlack (4)

Each player loses 1 life for each creature they control.

Nemesis (Common)