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Clock of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM! 4 (4)

4, Tap: Move the CRANK counter to your Contraption deck's next sprocket and crank any number of that sprocket's Contraptions.

Unstable (Uncommon)
Entirely Normal Armchair
Entirely Normal Armchair (0)

During your turn, if Entirely Normal Armchair is in your hand, you may hide it on the battlefield.

0: Return Entirely Normal Armchair to its owner's hand. Only your opponents may activate this ability and only if they see Entirely Normal Armchair.

2, Sacrifice Entirely Normal Armchair: Destroy target attacking creature.

Unsanctioned (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Unstable (Uncommon)
Novellamental 1Blue (2)
Creature — Elemental (2/1)


Novellamental can block only creatures with flying.

Unstable (Common)
Proper Laboratory Attire
Proper Laboratory Attire 1 (1)
Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +2/+1 and has protection from die rolls. (Nothing that lets a player roll a die can block, target, deal damage to, or attach to equipped creature.)

Equip 2

Unstable (Uncommon)
Thriving Rats
Thriving Rats 1Black (2)
Creature — Rat (1/2)

When Thriving Rats enters the battlefield, you get EnergyEnergy (two energy counters).

Whenever Thriving Rats attacks, you may pay EnergyEnergy. If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on it.

Kaladesh (Common)
Wall of Fortune
Wall of Fortune 1Blue (2)
Artifact Creature — Wall (0/4)


You may tap an untapped Wall you control to have any player reroll a die that player rolled.

Unsanctioned (Common)
Other Versions
Unstable (Common)