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Braidwood Cup
Braidwood Cup 3 (3)

Tap: You gain 1 life.

Urza's Destiny (Uncommon)
Ivory Cup
Ivory Cup 1 (1)

Whenever a player casts a white spell, you may pay 1. If you do, you gain 1 life.

Eighth Edition (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Limited Edition Alpha (Uncommon)
Limited Edition Beta (Uncommon)
Unlimited Edition (Uncommon)
Revised Edition (Uncommon)
Fourth Edition (Uncommon)
Fifth Edition (Uncommon)
Classic Sixth Edition (Uncommon)
Seventh Edition (Uncommon)
Poison the Cup
Poison the Cup 1BlackBlack (3)

Destroy target creature. If this spell was foretold, scry 2.

Foretell 1Black (During your turn, you may pay 2 and exile this card from your hand face down. Cast it on a later turn for its foretell cost.)

Kaldheim (Uncommon)
Porcuparrot 3Red (4)
Creature — Bird Beast (3/4)

Mutate 2Red (If you cast this spell for its mutate cost, put it over or under target non-Human creature you own. They mutate into the creature on top plus all abilities from under it.)

Tap: This creature deals X damage to any target, where X is the number of times this creature has mutated.

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (Uncommon)
Recuperate 3White (4)

Choose one —

• You gain 6 life.

• Prevent the next 6 damage that would be dealt to target creature this turn.

Scourge (Common)

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