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Joven 3RedRed (5)
Legendary Creature — Human Rogue (3/3)

RedRedRed, Tap: Destroy target noncreature artifact.

Homelands (Common)
Joven's Ferrets
Joven's Ferrets Green (1)
Creature — Ferret (1/1)

Whenever Joven's Ferrets attacks, it gets +0/+2 until end of turn.

At end of combat, tap all creatures that blocked Joven's Ferrets this turn. They don't untap during their controller's next untap step.

Masters Edition II (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Homelands (Common)
Joven's Tools
Joven's Tools 6 (6)

4, Tap: Target creature can't be blocked this turn except by Walls.

Homelands (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Fifth Edition (Uncommon)
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