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Abomination of Llanowar
Abomination of Llanowar 1BlackGreen (3)
Legendary Creature — Elf Horror (*/*)

Vigilance; menace (This creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.)

Abomination of Llanowar's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Elves you control plus the number of Elf cards in your graveyard.

Historic Anthology 4 (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Commander Legends (Uncommon)
Kaldheim Commander (Uncommon)
Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury
Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury 3GreenGreen (5)
Legendary Planeswalker — Freyalise (3)

+2: Create a 1/1 green Elf Druid creature token with "Tap: Add Green."

−2: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

−6: Draw a card for each green creature you control.

Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury can be your commander.

Commander Collection: Green (Mythic Rare)
Other Versions
Commander 2014 (Mythic Rare)
Commander Anthology (Mythic Rare)
Llanowar Augur
Llanowar Augur Green (1)
Creature — Elf Shaman (0/3)

Sacrifice Llanowar Augur: Target creature gets +3/+3 and gains trample until end of turn. Activate only during your upkeep.

Future Sight (Common)
Llanowar Behemoth
Llanowar Behemoth 3GreenGreen (5)
Creature — Elemental (4/4)

Tap an untapped creature you control: Llanowar Behemoth gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

Weatherlight (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Eighth Edition (Uncommon)
Ninth Edition (Uncommon)
Llanowar Cavalry
Llanowar Cavalry 2Green (3)
Creature — Human Soldier (1/4)

White: Llanowar Cavalry gains vigilance until end of turn.

Invasion (Common)
Llanowar Dead
Llanowar Dead BlackGreen (2)
Creature — Zombie Elf (2/2)

Tap: Add Black.

Apocalypse (Common)
Llanowar Druid
Llanowar Druid 1Green (2)
Creature — Elf Druid (1/2)

Tap, Sacrifice Llanowar Druid: Untap all Forests.

Weatherlight (Common)
Llanowar Elite
Llanowar Elite Green (1)
Creature — Elf (1/1)

Kicker 8 (You may pay an additional 8 as you cast this spell.)


If Llanowar Elite was kicked, it enters the battlefield with five +1/+1 counters on it.

Invasion (Common)
Llanowar Elves
Llanowar Elves Green (1)
Creature — Elf Druid (1/1)

Tap: Add Green.

Game Night (Common)
Other Versions
Limited Edition Alpha (Common)
Limited Edition Beta (Common)
Unlimited Edition (Common)
Revised Edition (Common)
Fourth Edition (Common)
Fifth Edition (Common)
Classic Sixth Edition (Common)
Seventh Edition (Common)
Ninth Edition (Common)
Tenth Edition (Common)
Starter 2000 (Common)
Battle Royale Box Set (Common)
Beatdown Box Set (Common)
Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins (Common)
Magic 2010 (Common)
Magic 2011 (Common)
Magic 2012 (Common)
Commander 2014 (Common)
Duel Decks Anthology, Elves vs. Goblins (Common)
Eternal Masters (Common)
Commander Anthology (Common)
Dominaria (Common)
Core Set 2019 (Common)
Llanowar Empath
Llanowar Empath 3Green (4)
Creature — Elf Shaman (2/2)

When Llanowar Empath enters the battlefield, scry 2, then reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature card, put it into your hand. (To scry 2, look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors (Common)
Other Versions
Future Sight (Common)
Magic Origins (Common)
Llanowar Envoy
Llanowar Envoy 2Green (3)
Creature — Elf Scout (3/2)

1Green: Add one mana of any color.

Dominaria (Common)
Llanowar Knight
Llanowar Knight GreenWhite (2)
Creature — Elf Knight (2/2)

Protection from black

Invasion (Common)
Llanowar Mentor
Llanowar Mentor Green (1)
Creature — Elf Spellshaper (1/1)

Green, Tap, Discard a card: Create a 1/1 green Elf Druid creature token named Llanowar Elves. It has "Tap: Add Green."

Time Spiral Remastered (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Future Sight (Uncommon)
Llanowar Reborn
Llanowar Reborn (0)

Llanowar Reborn enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add Green.

Graft 1 (This land enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, you may move a +1/+1 counter from this land onto it.)

Commander 2021 (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Future Sight (Uncommon)
Archenemy (Uncommon)
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters (Uncommon)
Commander 2013 Edition (Uncommon)
Commander 2015 (Uncommon)
Llanowar Scout
Llanowar Scout 1Green (2)
Creature — Elf Scout (1/3)

Tap: You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.

Dominaria (Common)
Llanowar Sentinel
Llanowar Sentinel 2Green (3)
Creature — Elf (2/3)

When Llanowar Sentinel enters the battlefield, you may pay 1Green. If you do, search your library for a card named Llanowar Sentinel, put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle.

Tenth Edition (Common)
Other Versions
Weatherlight (Common)
Llanowar Tribe
Llanowar Tribe GreenGreenGreen (3)
Creature — Elf Druid (3/3)

Tap: Add GreenGreenGreen.

Kaldheim Commander (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Modern Horizons (Uncommon)
Llanowar Vanguard
Llanowar Vanguard 2Green (3)
Creature — Dryad (1/1)

Tap: Llanowar Vanguard gets +0/+4 until end of turn.

Invasion (Common)
Llanowar Visionary
Llanowar Visionary 2Green (3)
Creature — Elf Druid (2/2)

When Llanowar Visionary enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Tap: Add Green.

Core Set 2021 (Common)
Llanowar Wastes
Llanowar Wastes (0)

Tap: Add Colorless.

Tap: Add Black or Green. Llanowar Wastes deals 1 damage to you.

Commander 2021 (Rare)
Other Versions
Ninth Edition (Rare)
Apocalypse (Rare)
Tenth Edition (Rare)
Magic 2015 Core Set (Rare)
Magic Origins (Rare)
Commander 2019 (Rare)
Ikoria Commander (Rare)
Pulse of Llanowar
Pulse of Llanowar 3Green (4)

If a basic land you control is tapped for mana, it produces mana of a color of your choice instead of any other type.

Invasion (Uncommon)
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary GreenGreen (2)
Legendary Creature — Elf Druid (2/1)

Tap: Add Green for each Forest you control.

Vintage Masters (Rare)
Other Versions
Urza's Destiny (Rare)

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