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Fires of Yavimaya
Fires of Yavimaya 1RedGreen (3)

Creatures you control have haste.

Sacrifice Fires of Yavimaya: Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

Planechase Anthology (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Invasion (Uncommon)
Planechase (Uncommon)
Archenemy (Uncommon)
Planechase 2012 Edition (Uncommon)
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters (Uncommon)
Commander 2013 Edition (Uncommon)
Magic: The Gathering—Conspiracy (Uncommon)
Vintage Masters (Uncommon)
Heart of Yavimaya
Heart of Yavimaya (0)

If Heart of Yavimaya would enter the battlefield, sacrifice a Forest instead. If you do, put Heart of Yavimaya onto the battlefield. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard.

Tap: Add Green.

Tap: Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

Masters Edition II (Rare)
Other Versions
Alliances (Rare)
Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva
Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva 1RedGreenWhite (4)
Legendary Creature — Cat Bard Druid (3/3)

When Kitt Kanto enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 green and white Citizen creature token.

At the beginning of combat on each player's turn, you may tap two untapped creatures you control. When you do, target creature that player controls gets +2/+2 and gains trample until end of turn. Goad that creature.

Streets of New Capenna Commander (Mythic Rare)
Mayael the Anima
Mayael the Anima RedGreenWhite (3)
Legendary Creature — Elf Shaman (2/3)

3RedGreenWhite, Tap: Look at the top five cards of your library. You may put a creature card with power 5 or greater from among them onto the battlefield. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

Commander 2013 Edition (Mythic Rare)
Other Versions
Shards of Alara (Mythic Rare)
Mayael's Aria
Mayael's Aria RedGreenWhite (3)

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control if you control a creature with power 5 or greater. Then you gain 10 life if you control a creature with power 10 or greater. Then you win the game if you control a creature with power 20 or greater.

Double Masters 2022 (Rare)
Other Versions
Alara Reborn (Rare)
Mayhem Devil
Mayhem Devil 1BlackRed (3)
Creature — Devil (3/3)

Whenever a player sacrifices a permanent, Mayhem Devil deals 1 damage to any target.

War of the Spark (Uncommon)
Mayhem Patrol
Mayhem Patrol 1Red (2)
Creature — Devil Warrior (1/2)

Menace (This creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.)

Whenever Mayhem Patrol attacks, target creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

Blitz 1Red (If you cast this spell for its blitz cost, it gains haste and "When this creature dies, draw a card." Sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step.)

Streets of New Capenna (Common)
Mayor of Avabruck
Mayor of Avabruck 1Green (2)
Creature — Human Advisor Werewolf (1/1)

Other Human creatures you control get +1/+1.

At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were cast last turn, transform Mayor of Avabruck.

Shadows of the Past (Rare)
Other Versions
Innistrad (Rare)
Mischief and Mayhem
Mischief and Mayhem 4Green (5)

Up to two target creatures each get +4/+4 until end of turn.

Born of the Gods (Uncommon)
Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar
Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar 4GreenGreen (6)
Legendary Creature — Elemental Avatar (0/0)

Reach, trample

Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar gets +1/+1 for each land you control and each land card in your graveyard.

1Green, Return two lands you control to their owner's hand: Return Multani from your graveyard to your hand.

Zendikar Rising Commander (Mythic Rare)
Other Versions
Dominaria (Mythic Rare)
Solphim, Mayhem Dominus
Solphim, Mayhem Dominus 2RedRed (4)
Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Horror (5/4)

If a source you control would deal noncombat damage to an opponent or a permanent an opponent controls, it deals double that damage to that player or permanent instead.

1Phyrexian RedPhyrexian Red, Discard two cards: Put an indestructible counter on Solphim, Mayhem Dominus. (Phyrexian Red can be paid with either Red or 2 life.)

Phyrexia: All Will Be One (Mythic Rare)
Spawn of Mayhem
Spawn of Mayhem 2BlackBlack (4)
Creature — Demon (4/4)

Spectacle 1BlackBlack (You may cast this spell for its spectacle cost rather than its mana cost if an opponent lost life this turn.)

Flying, trample

At the beginning of your upkeep, Spawn of Mayhem deals 1 damage to each player. Then if you have 10 or less life, put a +1/+1 counter on Spawn of Mayhem.

Ravnica Allegiance (Mythic Rare)
Taste for Mayhem
Taste for Mayhem Red (1)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+0.

Hellbent — Enchanted creature gets an additional +2/+0 as long as you have no cards in hand.

Dissension (Common)
Yavimaya Ancients
Yavimaya Ancients 3GreenGreen (5)
Creature — Treefolk (2/7)

Green: Yavimaya Ancients gets +1/-2 until end of turn.

Masters Edition II (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Alliances (Common)
Yavimaya Ants
Yavimaya Ants 2GreenGreen (4)
Creature — Insect (5/1)

Trample, haste

Cumulative upkeep GreenGreen (At the beginning of your upkeep, put an age counter on this permanent, then sacrifice it unless you pay its upkeep cost for each age counter on it.)

Masters Edition (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Alliances (Uncommon)
Yavimaya Barbarian
Yavimaya Barbarian RedGreen (2)
Creature — Elf Barbarian (2/2)

Protection from blue

Invasion (Common)
Yavimaya Coast
Yavimaya Coast (0)

Tap: Add Colorless.

Tap: Add Green or Blue. Yavimaya Coast deals 1 damage to you.

Dominaria United (Rare)
Other Versions
Ninth Edition (Rare)
Apocalypse (Rare)
Tenth Edition (Rare)
Magic 2015 Core Set (Rare)
Magic Origins (Rare)
Commander 2019 (Rare)
Ikoria Commander (Rare)
Commander 2021 (Rare)
Yavimaya Dryad
Yavimaya Dryad 1GreenGreen (3)
Creature — Dryad (2/1)

Forestwalk (This creature can't be blocked as long as defending player controls a Forest.)

When Yavimaya Dryad enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a Forest card, put it onto the battlefield tapped under target player's control, then shuffle.

Time Spiral Remastered (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Time Spiral (Uncommon)
Archenemy (Uncommon)
Ikoria Commander (Uncommon)
Yavimaya Elder
Yavimaya Elder 1GreenGreen (3)
Creature — Human Druid (2/1)

When Yavimaya Elder dies, you may search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle.

2, Sacrifice Yavimaya Elder: Draw a card.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander (Common)
Other Versions
Urza's Destiny (Common)
Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the Coalition (Common)
Magic: The Gathering-Commander (Common)
Vintage Masters (Uncommon)
Commander Anthology 2018 (Common)
Commander 2018 (Common)
Zendikar Rising Commander (Common)
Commander Legends (Common)
Modern Horizons 2 (Uncommon)
Yavimaya Enchantress
Yavimaya Enchantress 2Green (3)
Creature — Human Druid (2/2)

Yavimaya Enchantress gets +1/+1 for each enchantment on the battlefield.

Commander 2018 (Common)
Other Versions
Seventh Edition (Uncommon)
Eighth Edition (Uncommon)
Ninth Edition (Uncommon)
Urza's Destiny (Uncommon)
Tenth Edition (Uncommon)
Eternal Masters (Common)
Yavimaya Gnats
Yavimaya Gnats 2Green (3)
Creature — Insect (0/1)


Green: Regenerate Yavimaya Gnats.

Ice Age (Uncommon)
Yavimaya Granger
Yavimaya Granger 2Green (3)
Creature — Elf (2/2)

Echo 2Green (At the beginning of your upkeep, if this came under your control since the beginning of your last upkeep, sacrifice it unless you pay its echo cost.)

When Yavimaya Granger enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card, put that card onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle.

Urza's Legacy (Common)
Yavimaya Hollow
Yavimaya Hollow (0)
Legendary Land

Tap: Add Colorless.

Green, Tap: Regenerate target creature.

Vintage Masters (Rare)
Other Versions
Urza's Destiny (Rare)
Yavimaya Iconoclast
Yavimaya Iconoclast 1Green (2)
Creature — Elf (3/2)

Kicker Red (You may pay an additional Red as you cast this spell.)


When Yavimaya Iconoclast enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, it gets +1/+1 and gains haste until end of turn.

Dominaria United (Uncommon)
Yavimaya Kavu
Yavimaya Kavu 2RedGreen (4)
Creature — Kavu (*/*)

Yavimaya Kavu's power is equal to the number of red creatures on the battlefield.

Yavimaya Kavu's toughness is equal to the number of green creatures on the battlefield.

Invasion (Uncommon)
Yavimaya Sapherd
Yavimaya Sapherd 2Green (3)
Creature — Fungus (2/2)

When Yavimaya Sapherd enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 green Saproling creature token.

Dominaria (Common)
Yavimaya Scion
Yavimaya Scion 4Green (5)
Creature — Treefolk (4/4)

Protection from artifacts

Urza's Legacy (Common)
Yavimaya Sojourner
Yavimaya Sojourner 7Green (8)
Creature — Treefolk (4/6)

Domain — This spell costs 1 less to cast for each basic land type among lands you control.

Dominaria United (Common)
Yavimaya Steelcrusher
Yavimaya Steelcrusher 1Red (2)
Creature — Ape Warrior (2/2)

Enlist (As this creature attacks, you may tap a nonattacking creature you control without summoning sickness. When you do, add its power to this creature's until end of turn.)

1, Sacrifice Yavimaya Steelcrusher: Destroy target artifact.

Dominaria United (Common)
Yavimaya Wurm
Yavimaya Wurm 4GreenGreen (6)
Creature — Wurm (6/4)

Trample (This creature can deal excess combat damage to the player or planeswalker it's attacking.)

Magic 2011 (Common)
Other Versions
Urza's Legacy (Common)
Beatdown Box Set (Common)
Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth
Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth (0)
Legendary Land

Each land is a Forest in addition to its other land types.

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth Commander (Mythic Rare)
Other Versions
Modern Horizons 2 (Rare)
Yavimaya's Embrace
Yavimaya's Embrace 5GreenBlueBlue (8)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

You control enchanted creature.

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has trample.

Double Masters (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Apocalypse (Rare)
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