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Death Pits of Rath
Death Pits of Rath 3BlackBlack (5)

Whenever a creature is dealt damage, destroy it. It can't be regenerated.

Tempest Remastered (Rare)
Other Versions
Eighth Edition (Rare)
Ninth Edition (Rare)
Tempest (Rare)
Empty the Pits
Empty the Pits Variable ColorlessVariable ColorlessBlackBlackBlackBlack (4)

Delve (Each card you exile from your graveyard while casting this spell pays for 1.)

Create X tapped 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens.

Khans of Tarkir (Mythic Rare)
Skarrg, the Rage Pits
Skarrg, the Rage Pits (0)

Tap: Add Colorless.

RedGreen, Tap: Target creature gets +1/+1 and gains trample until end of turn.

Planechase Anthology (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Guildpact (Uncommon)
Planechase 2012 Edition (Uncommon)
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters (Uncommon)

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