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Answered Prayers
Answered Prayers 1WhiteWhite (3)

Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life. If Answered Prayers isn't a creature, it becomes a 3/3 Angel creature with flying in addition to its other types until end of turn.

Modern Horizons (Common)
Betrayal Blue (1)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature an opponent controls

Whenever enchanted creature becomes tapped, you draw a card.

Visions (Common)
Betrayal of Flesh
Betrayal of Flesh 5Black (6)

Choose one —

• Destroy target creature.

• Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Entwine—Sacrifice three lands. (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.)

Mirrodin (Uncommon)
Blinding Spray
Blinding Spray 4Blue (5)

Creatures your opponents control get -4/-0 until end of turn.

Draw a card.

Khans of Tarkir (Uncommon)
Bloodfray Giant
Bloodfray Giant 2RedRed (4)
Creature — Giant (4/3)


Unleash (You may have this creature enter the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. It can't block as long as it has a +1/+1 counter on it.)

Return to Ravnica (Uncommon)
Champion of Stray Souls
Champion of Stray Souls 4BlackBlack (6)
Creature — Skeleton Warrior (4/4)

3BlackBlack, Tap, Sacrifice X other creatures: Return X target creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield.

5BlackBlack: Put Champion of Stray Souls on top of your library from your graveyard.

Commander 2019 (Mythic Rare)
Other Versions
Born of the Gods (Mythic Rare)
Commander 2015 (Mythic Rare)
Commander Anthology (Mythic Rare)
Charmed Stray
Charmed Stray White (1)
Creature — Cat (1/1)


When Charmed Stray enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on each other creature you control named Charmed Stray.

War of the Spark (Common)
Cleansing Ray
Cleansing Ray 1White (2)

Choose one —

• Destroy target Vampire.

• Destroy target enchantment.

Rivals of Ixalan (Common)
Crystal Spray
Crystal Spray 2Blue (3)

Change the text of target spell or permanent by replacing all instances of one color word with another or one basic land type with another until end of turn.

Draw a card.

Invasion (Rare)
Dark Betrayal
Dark Betrayal Black (1)

Destroy target black creature.

Theros (Uncommon)
Dawnray Archer
Dawnray Archer 2Blue (3)
Creature — Human Archer (1/1)

Exalted (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

White, Tap: Dawnray Archer deals 1 damage to target attacking or blocking creature.

Shards of Alara (Uncommon)
Erayo, Soratami Ascendant
Erayo, Soratami Ascendant 1Blue (2)
Legendary Creature — Moonfolk Monk (1/1)


Whenever the fourth spell of a turn is cast, flip Erayo, Soratami Ascendant.

Saviors of Kamigawa (Rare)
Erayo, Soratami Ascendant (Erayo's Essence)
Erayo, Soratami Ascendant (Erayo's Essence) 1Blue (2)
Legendary Enchantment

Whenever an opponent casts their first spell each turn, counter that spell.

Saviors of Kamigawa (Rare)
Fraying Omnipotence
Fraying Omnipotence 3BlackBlack (5)

Each player loses half their life, then discards half the cards in their hand, then sacrifices half the creatures they control. Round up each time.

Core Set 2019 (Rare)
Fraying Sanity
Fraying Sanity 2Blue (3)
Enchantment — Aura Curse

Enchant player

At the beginning of each end step, enchanted player mills X cards, where X is the number of cards put into their graveyard from anywhere this turn.

Hour of Devastation (Rare)
Gemstone Array
Gemstone Array 4 (4)

2: Put a charge counter on Gemstone Array.

Remove a charge counter from Gemstone Array: Add one mana of any color.

Fifth Dawn (Uncommon)
Generous Stray
Generous Stray 2Green (3)
Creature — Cat (1/2)

When Generous Stray enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Guilds of Ravnica (Common)
Glacial Ray
Glacial Ray 1Red (2)
Instant — Arcane

Glacial Ray deals 2 damage to any target.

Splice onto Arcane 1Red (As you cast an Arcane spell, you may reveal this card from your hand and pay its splice cost. If you do, add this card's effects to that spell.)

Modern Masters (Common)
Other Versions
Champions of Kamigawa (Common)
Grave Betrayal
Grave Betrayal 5BlackBlack (7)

Whenever a creature you don't control dies, return it to the battlefield under your control with an additional +1/+1 counter on it at the beginning of the next end step. That creature is a black Zombie in addition to its other colors and types.

Return to Ravnica (Rare)
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Gray Merchant of Asphodel 3BlackBlack (5)
Creature — Zombie (2/4)

When Gray Merchant of Asphodel enters the battlefield, each opponent loses X life, where X is your devotion to black. You gain life equal to the life lost this way. (Each Black in the mana costs of permanents you control counts toward your devotion to black.)

Theros Beyond Death (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Theros (Common)
Commander 2014 (Common)
Gray Ogre
Gray Ogre 2Red (3)
Creature — Ogre (2/2)

Fourth Edition (Common)
Other Versions
Limited Edition Alpha (Common)
Limited Edition Beta (Common)
Unlimited Edition (Common)
Revised Edition (Common)
Graypelt Hunter
Graypelt Hunter 3Green (4)
Creature — Human Warrior Ally (2/2)


Whenever Graypelt Hunter or another Ally enters the battlefield under your control, you may put a +1/+1 counter on Graypelt Hunter.

Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (Common)
Other Versions
Worldwake (Common)
Graypelt Refuge
Graypelt Refuge (0)

Graypelt Refuge enters the battlefield tapped.

When Graypelt Refuge enters the battlefield, you gain 1 life.

Tap: Add Green or White.

Commander 2019 (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Zendikar (Uncommon)
Archenemy (Uncommon)
Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas (Uncommon)
Planechase 2012 Edition (Uncommon)
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (Uncommon)
Planechase Anthology (Uncommon)
Commander 2017 (Uncommon)
Grayscaled Gharial
Grayscaled Gharial Blue (1)
Creature — Crocodile (1/1)

Islandwalk (This creature can't be blocked as long as defending player controls an Island.)

Ravnica: City of Guilds (Common)
Heat Ray
Heat Ray Variable ColorlessRed (1)

Heat Ray deals X damage to target creature.

Iconic Masters (Common)
Other Versions
Urza's Saga (Common)
Battle Royale Box Set (Common)
Rise of the Eldrazi (Common)
Magic 2015 Core Set (Uncommon)
Into the Fray
Into the Fray Red (1)
Instant — Arcane

Target creature attacks this turn if able.

Splice onto Arcane Red (As you cast an Arcane spell, you may reveal this card from your hand and pay its splice cost. If you do, add this card's effects to that spell.)

Saviors of Kamigawa (Common)
It That Betrays
It That Betrays 12 (12)
Creature — Eldrazi (11/11)

Annihilator 2 (Whenever this creature attacks, defending player sacrifices two permanents.)

Whenever an opponent sacrifices a nontoken permanent, put that card onto the battlefield under your control.

Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (Rare)
Other Versions
Rise of the Eldrazi (Rare)
Lead Astray
Lead Astray 1White (2)

Tap up to two target creatures.

Judgment (Common)
Magma Spray
Magma Spray Red (1)

Magma Spray deals 2 damage to target creature. If that creature would die this turn, exile it instead.

Amonkhet (Common)
Other Versions
Shards of Alara (Common)
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari (Common)
Journey into Nyx (Common)
Manta Ray
Manta Ray 1BlueBlue (3)
Creature — Fish (3/3)

Manta Ray can't attack unless defending player controls an Island.

Manta Ray can't be blocked except by blue creatures.

When you control no Islands, sacrifice Manta Ray.

Weatherlight (Common)
Mnemonic Betrayal
Mnemonic Betrayal 1BlueBlack (3)

Exile all cards from all opponents' graveyards. You may cast spells from among those cards this turn, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any type to cast those spells. At the beginning of the next end step, if any of those cards remain exiled, return them to their owners' graveyards.

Exile Mnemonic Betrayal.

Guilds of Ravnica (Mythic Rare)
Murderous Betrayal
Murderous Betrayal BlackBlackBlack (3)

BlackBlack, Pay half your life, rounded up: Destroy target nonblack creature. It can't be regenerated.

Nemesis (Rare)
Other Versions
Eighth Edition (Rare)
Night of Souls' Betrayal
Night of Souls' Betrayal 2BlackBlack (4)
Legendary Enchantment

All creatures get -1/-1.

Iconic Masters (Rare)
Other Versions
Champions of Kamigawa (Rare)
Oppressive Rays
Oppressive Rays White (1)
Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature can't attack or block unless its controller pays 3.

Activated abilities of enchanted creature cost 3 more to activate.

Magic 2015 Core Set (Common)
Other Versions
Journey into Nyx (Common)
Orim's Prayer
Orim's Prayer 1WhiteWhite (3)

Whenever one or more creatures attack you, you gain 1 life for each attacking creature.

Tempest (Uncommon)
Pacification Array
Pacification Array 1 (1)

2, Tap: Tap target artifact or creature.

Aether Revolt (Uncommon)
Perilous Forays
Perilous Forays 3GreenGreen (5)

1, Sacrifice a creature: Search your library for a land card with a basic land type and put it onto the battlefield tapped. Then shuffle your library.

Ravnica: City of Guilds (Uncommon)
Portent of Betrayal
Portent of Betrayal 3Red (4)

Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn. Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

Commander Legends (Common)
Other Versions
Theros (Common)
Theros Beyond Death (Common)
Price of Betrayal
Price of Betrayal Black (1)

Remove up to five counters from target artifact, creature, planeswalker, or opponent.

War of the Spark (Uncommon)
Prism Array
Prism Array 4Blue (5)

Converge — Prism Array enters the battlefield with a crystal counter on it for each color of mana spent to cast it.

Remove a crystal counter from Prism Array: Tap target creature.

WhiteBlueBlackRedGreen: Scry 3. (Look at the top three cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

Battle for Zendikar (Rare)
Profane Prayers
Profane Prayers 2BlackBlack (4)

Profane Prayers deals X damage to any target and you gain X life, where X is the number of Clerics on the battlefield.

Onslaught (Common)
Ray of Command
Ray of Command 3Blue (4)

Untap target creature an opponent controls and gain control of it until end of turn. That creature gains haste until end of turn. When you lose control of the creature, tap it.

Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska (Common)
Other Versions
Fifth Edition (Common)
Ice Age (Common)
Mirage (Common)
Battle Royale Box Set (Common)
Masters Edition II (Uncommon)
Magic: The Gathering-Commander (Common)
Ray of Dissolution
Ray of Dissolution 2White (3)

Destroy target enchantment. You gain 3 life.

Theros (Common)
Ray of Distortion
Ray of Distortion 3White (4)

Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

Flashback 4WhiteWhite (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Commander 2019 (Common)
Other Versions
Odyssey (Common)
Ray of Erasure
Ray of Erasure Blue (1)

Target player mills a card.

Draw a card at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep.

Ice Age (Common)
Ray of Revelation
Ray of Revelation 1White (2)

Destroy target enchantment.

Flashback Green (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Dark Ascension (Common)
Other Versions
Judgment (Common)
Rayami, First of the Fallen
Rayami, First of the Fallen 1BlackGreenBlue (4)
Legendary Creature — Vampire (5/4)

If a nontoken creature would die, exile that card with a blood counter on it instead.

As long as an exiled creature card with a blood counter on it has flying, Rayami, First of the Fallen has flying. The same is true for first strike, double strike, deathtouch, haste, hexproof, indestructible, lifelink, menace, protection, reach, trample, and vigilance.

Commander 2019 (Mythic Rare)
Rayne, Academy Chancellor
Rayne, Academy Chancellor 2Blue (3)
Legendary Creature — Human Wizard (1/1)

Whenever you or a permanent you control becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, you may draw a card. You may draw an additional card if Rayne, Academy Chancellor is enchanted.

Urza's Destiny (Rare)
Searing Rays
Searing Rays 2Red (3)

Choose a color. Searing Rays deals damage to each player equal to the number of creatures of that color that player controls.

Invasion (Uncommon)
Sheltering Prayers
Sheltering Prayers White (1)

Basic lands each player controls have shroud as long as that player controls three or fewer lands. (They can't be the targets of spells or abilities.)

Prophecy (Rare)
Shipwreck Moray
Shipwreck Moray 3Blue (4)
Creature — Fish (0/5)

When Shipwreck Moray enters the battlefield, you get EnergyEnergyEnergyEnergy (four energy counters).

Pay Energy: Shipwreck Moray gets +2/-2 until end of turn.

Aether Revolt (Common)
Soraya the Falconer
Soraya the Falconer 1WhiteWhite (3)
Legendary Creature — Human (2/2)

Bird creatures get +1/+1.

1White: Target Bird creature gains banding until end of turn. (Any creatures with banding, and up to one without, can attack in a band. Bands are blocked as a group. If any creatures with banding a player controls are blocking or being blocked by a creature, that player divides that creature's combat damage, not its controller, among any of the creatures it's being blocked by or is blocking.)

Homelands (Rare)
Spark Spray
Spark Spray Red (1)

Spark Spray deals 1 damage to any target.

Cycling Red (Red, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

Vintage Masters (Common)
Other Versions
Scourge (Common)
Super-Duper Death Ray
Super-Duper Death Ray 2Red (3)

Trample (This spell can deal excess damage to its target's controller.)

Super-Duper Death Ray deals 4 damage to target creature.

Unsanctioned (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Unstable (Uncommon)
Tezzeret's Betrayal
Tezzeret's Betrayal 3BlueBlack (5)

Destroy target creature. You may search your library and/or graveyard for a card named Tezzeret, Master of Metal, reveal it, and put it into your hand. If you search your library this way, shuffle it.

Aether Revolt (Rare)
Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor
Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor 2Red (3)
Legendary Creature — Human Knight (3/3)

Whenever Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor deals combat damage to a player, that player creates that many 1/1 red Survivor creature tokens.

Survivors your opponents control can't block, and they can't attack you or a planeswalker you control.

When Varchild leaves the battlefield, gain control of all Survivors.

Commander 2018 (Rare)
Vicious Betrayal
Vicious Betrayal 3BlackBlack (5)

As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice any number of creatures.

Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn for each creature sacrificed this way.

Fifth Dawn (Common)
Viridian Betrayers
Viridian Betrayers 1GreenGreen (3)
Creature — Elf Warrior (3/1)

Viridian Betrayers has infect as long as an opponent is poisoned. (It deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters and to players in the form of poison counters.)

New Phyrexia (Common)
Volcanic Spray
Volcanic Spray 1Red (2)

Volcanic Spray deals 1 damage to each creature without flying and each player.

Flashback 1Red (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Odyssey (Uncommon)
Wandering Graybeard
Wandering Graybeard 3WhiteWhite (5)
Creature — Giant Wizard (4/4)

Kinship — At the beginning of your upkeep, you may look at the top card of your library. If it shares a creature type with Wandering Graybeard, you may reveal it. If you do, you gain 4 life.

Morningtide (Uncommon)