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Feast of Worms
Feast of Worms 3GreenGreen (5)
Sorcery — Arcane

Destroy target land. If that land was legendary, its controller sacrifices another land.

Champions of Kamigawa (Uncommon)
Insidious Bookworms
Insidious Bookworms Black (1)
Creature — Worm (1/1)

When Insidious Bookworms dies, you may pay 1Black. If you do, target player discards a card at random.

Alliances (Common)
Mole Worms
Mole Worms 2Black (3)
Creature — Worm (1/1)

You may choose not to untap Mole Worms during your untap step.

Tap: Tap target land. It doesn't untap during its controller's untap step for as long as Mole Worms remains tapped.

Ice Age (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Fifth Edition (Uncommon)
Worms of the Earth
Worms of the Earth 2BlackBlackBlack (5)

Players can't play lands.

Lands can't enter the battlefield.

At the beginning of each upkeep, any player may sacrifice two lands or have Worms of the Earth deal 5 damage to that player. If a player does either, destroy Worms of the Earth.

The Dark (Rare)